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Can Madcows be switched to a 3x10?15747

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As some of you may know, I have a heart condition that prevents me from "straining" too much while I am lifting. I have mild aortic stenosis with a bicuspid aortic valve. My doctor wants me lifting in the 10 or higher rep range.

I was wondering if there is a way to modify Madcows 5x5 to be a 3x10 instead? I did some searching on Google and found someone's adjusting of the program to be a 3x10. Here's how it would look:

ALL sets are 10 reps

Squat - Set 1x50%, Set 2x75% Set 3x 100% (Friday's 10)
Bench - Same
Clean/Row- Same

Squat - 3 Sets x80% Monday's top set
Incline/OHP - Set 1x50%, Set 2x75% Set 3x 100%(2.5% more than last week)
Deadlift - Same

Squat- Set 1x50%, Set 2x75% Set 3x100 (2.5% more than Monday), Set 4x75% (12 reps)
Bench - Same
Clean/Row - Same
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_RudeCrew private msg quote post Address this user
Man, I feel you have asked pretty much same question like 300 times.

To answer you question, go for it. But it's gonna be a mother fucker to progress using 3x10 after awhile.
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