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vojap private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Shredders,

Before I continue I want apologize in advance for longer post.

Hope new gains are coming along and goals for 2015 are set. Speaking of goals I have one for which I need a little bit of your help (of course if you do not mind).

Well, I am planning to get my certification next year (2015) so I started developing Personal Training WebApp that will help me manage clients much easier and help them achieve better results and make things much simpler. Also app is not just client-centric, it is also for personal use and progression.

I know you would say that there are plenty of apps for workout logging/tracking and couple of others just for Personal Training but I didn't find any that combines those two and as an IT professional(developer) and bodybuilding freak I wanted to make my own version of it so I slowly started and came to the point where I would need feedback (good or bad) from people with experience in Personal Training, people that are freaks just like me as well as from people passionate about bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle in general.

I have so many ideas to make my app better and more useful and I am working on them every day pretty much whole day (for past month or two) designing, coding and testing plus I just started sketching iPhone/Android which I will start developing some time in 2015. But regardless of everything I would also need as I already said, feedback/ideas/suggestions/critics etc from you guys to make it even better.

So if you do not mind visiting this link and see how do you like it so far and what could be added/improved/removed I would appreciate so much. As it is not fully published user account creation is disabled at the moment but have created two accounts for you to play with and explore.
1. Username: Password: Demo123
2. Username: Password: Demo123

Please note that some functions are disabled for both accounts as both of them are demo accounts and everyone can login so I didn't want any changes like passwords/email account to be changed neither deletion of demo client to be possible.

This is the list of current features integrated into application:

- Adding new workout events to workout calendar
- Manipulation of workout events
- Quick Stats
- New workout creation for user and it's clients
- Workout manager
- Edit/Delete created workouts
- Add/Deactivate/Remove new clients
- Change personal setting
- Create and Edit Clients workout calendar

Also here's the list of the features already lined up in my To Do list that I am about to integrate in following months because I already know it would be mentioned in feedback.

- Build Feedback/Report a problem button
- Add stats and ability to track stats for workouts and exercise
- Build smart calculators for all sorts off measuring and calculations
- Workout and Meal Plan Request form
- New Workout Plan and Meal Plan creation
- Ability to assign one workout to more than 1 client
- Add new/Remove already existing exercises to already made workout
- Select what workout user wants to update or delete if there are more than 1 workout per day
- Email notifications
- Social Media support
- Video workout embedding from YT
- Progress pictures
- Private messaging
- Smarter statistic (PR etc)
- Better/Smarter Categorization of items in drop-down menus

This and your list will be updated as features are being added to the app.

Thank you so much in advance for your input and for helping me build and improve something that not only me can benefit from but all of you! I apologize once again for long post.

P.S. I also want to share my two and a half years transformation with you as well.

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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
First thing you need to do is change the marketing of it- PT is not the abbreviation for personal trainer. It's the abbreviation for Physical Therapy, which is light years different. Marketing it as a PT app is misleading. -3X
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vojap private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for input, I wrote down Personal Training App for tracking Clients but it was to long, so I was thinking I can just shorten it to the PT App for tracking trainers. It's changed now.
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leanr0x private msg quote post Address this user
@vojap you use html 5?
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
honestly youre making it too involved. and in the end you could save all your time and just use an existing app and email. im assuming the reason you've chosen this path is to make extra money. going all activision and EA on clients is fucking stupid, but business is business I guess.

Anyways I would honestly not name it anything to do with personal training. Come up with a brand.

Have you ever made an app before I realize you are a software developer but apps are different and your app has sooooooo many tasks.

Very basic screenshots to give us an idea of interface would be helpful but at the same time you wanna hold that stuff close so nobody goes all king games and candy crush rapes you so I don't really know how we can help. You have a nice idea but damn is it going to own your free time developing
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vojap private msg quote post Address this user
UPDATE: I have integrated internal notifications.

@leanr0x Yes, HTML5.

Well, as an IT professional and developer this is not waste of time for me especially because I am passionate about lifting and bodybuilding so the money in this situation is not something I am worrying as app won't make any money itself in terms that it will be obligated to pay in order to use it. Simplified: it's free. The biggest return I will get from it is the knowledge.

The whole point of my post is to actually go to the app and take a look at it yourself and provide feedback on that and I also created two accounts so I am not forcing anyone to sign up.

Do not get this wrong - but you didn't even open up the page to see what it is. If you did you would know that it is branded (and it is NOT called Personal Training or anything like that), and everything in the app is simplified as much as possible and the whole purpose of it is to make Personal Training and your own training much easier and more organized in other words more centralized than keeping track of clients in excel or notes app or in the notebook or sth like that.

Most of the things that I listed for integration in future are basically little add-ons to make already existing feature more complete with couple of big features like Creating Workout plans and diet plan.

So @Kansas___Boyyyyy Thanks for your feedback and I would appreciate if you can provide feedback after actual use/test of an app. Thanks!
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah sorry I tunnel vision pretty hard at 3am. Looks alright I recommend borders for days on the calendar. Also the Blue toolbar needs mouse over text. I'll play with it more tonight. Added a quick workout to Christmas just to see what it functioned like.
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vojap private msg quote post Address this user
It's totally fine man. No worries!

I was thinking about the borders as well... Just wanted to hear if someone else would mention that as well... Ill add them and see what would be the reaction from other people as well. Thanks for feedback, I appreciate it and feel free to play with it as much as you want and let me know what you think about other stuff when have a chance. Thanks!
UPDATE: i added borders check it out.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Call it "TrainerTRACK"
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vojap private msg quote post Address this user
@Kansas___Boyyyyy ill add mouce over as well i like it actually

@wannabemuscular already called it "vitness" ... There are really small chances ill change that but who knwos maybe in future... Thanks anyway
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