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Any "proven" push/pull (2 split) out there?15550

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As the title says, i've been looking for a proven/solid push/pull split with training 4 days a week for a while but i haven't managed to find any.
Do you know of any?
And you who do push/pull 4 times a week with hypertrophy as main goal, how have you structured it?
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I'm going off of the top of my head but...

Upper Body (Push)
Benchpress 5X5
Incline dumbbell press 4X10
Standing push press 3X10
Standing side lateral raises 3X 10-12 + a dropset
Upright row 3X10
Dumbbell skull crushers 3X10
Tricep pressdowns 3X10-15

Lower Body

Conventional or Sumo Deadlift 5X5
Leg press 4X 10-15
Lying leg curl 4X 10-15
Back leg UP front foot lunge 3-4X 10-15
* Add something else in for more volume

1-2 Days OFF

Upper Body (Pull)

Weighted pull ups or Pull ups 5X5 or 6-8 reps
Barbell rows 4X 10-12
One arm dumbbell row 3X 10-12
Bent over reverse lateral raises 3X 10-15
Standing rope cable face pull 3X 10-15
Weighted Hyper extensions 3X 10-12

Lower Body
Squats 5X5
Sumo Leg press 4X 10-12
Seated adductor machine 4X 10-15
Walking Lunges
Leg extensions 4X 10-15

... it has everything you need to grow in this program I just made up , pretty basic.. when the weight gets easy , move up the poundage and stick to the same rep / weight range.
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if you want a PROVEN routine, try PHAT.. a lot of people had success with it and enjoy it, if not look up "Lyle MacDonald"s push/pull.. hes a douchebag but is a smart douche.

or EK has some variations around the forum.
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Thanks, those are however upper/lower splits, im looking for a pure push (quads, chest, delts triceps) and pull (back, hams, biceps) split.
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