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Your p/p/l routine.15534

Rawsteel private msg quote post Address this user
As the title says, what does your p/p/l routine look like?
I've been on different p/p/l routines for the last 3 years (training 5 days a week) and im thinking about changing it up a bit, so i quess im looking for some "inspiration".
Include sets, reps, goal and progression plan.
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Beans private msg quote post Address this user
I ran this for a couple of years, with slight variations throughout:

Back squats 6x10-12
Lying ham curls 3x10-12
Standing ham curls 3x10-12
Seated or standing calf raises 4x10-12

Flat bench 3x10-12
Overhead press 3x10-12
Flyes 3x10-12
Side raises 3x10-12
Single hand tri pulldowns or lying tricep extensions 3x10-12

Deadlifts 3x10-12
Seated Rows 4x10-12
Pulldowns 4x10-12
Bent over rows 4x10-12
Rear delt flyes 4x10-12
Curls 3x10-12

My goal was to increase by at least one rep in each lift every workout. If I completed 12 reps in each set, I would up by 5 pounds next workout. When cutting, I would drop to 3-6 reps and try to progress in weight vs reps. I did rotators cuff, abs, and mobility when I felt like it.
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dserious111 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm doing a PPL similar to @Beans except for deadlifts, squats and overhead presses I just do 3 sets of 5 reps and increase weight weekly instead of reps.
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haole private msg quote post Address this user
Squats- Bar 135x10 135x10 185x8 205x5 225x5 245x5 265x3
Lying Leg curl- 65x10 85x10 110x10 110x10 110x10
Sitting Calf Raises- 45x20 90x15 135x15 180x10 180x10
Cable crunches- 160x12 160x12 160x12 160x12 1xxFail

Deads- 135x8 135x8 185x8 205x6 225x5 245x5 265x5 285x3
Close grip pull downs 85x10 130x8 160x6 195x6 195x6 195xFal
Barbell Rows- 95x10 145x8 170x6 195x6 195x6 195x6
Reverse flys 15x12 20x10 30x10 40x10 40x12 Superset with EZ bar curls
EZ bar curl 80x8 90x6 90x6 90x6 1xx Fail
BB hammer curl 40x8 50x6 50x60 50x6 1xx Fail

Decline bench: 135x10 185x10 225x8 225x8 225x8
Barbell Overhead press: bar 95x10 105x8 105x8 xx Fail
Close Grip Bench: 135x8 185x6 185x6 185x6
Machine Flys 165x10 190x8 190x8 190x8
DB lateral raises: 15x10 20x10 30x10 30x10 xx Fail Superset with tricep extension
Cable triceps extension: 90x15 130x10 160x10 160x10 xx Fail
Dips 30 20 fail
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haole private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not going too heavy with deads and squats because it taxes me too hard when I play hockey. I would do shrugs on Pull day but they irritate a pinched nerve in my neck.
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