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Thoughts on sticking point training?15476

Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
So I have recently subscribed to massthetics and notice to improve his dead lift he focuses incredibly hard on training his sticking points eg off the floor in his case with a deficit lift. Or rack pulls for the lockout. And the answer could be incredibly obvious and a duh answer but could you not simply apply this to every compound and have just 1 week of max effort a month for major progression? I tried it on bench mixing it into my phat program and when I got to the max effort week I jumped 10 pounds out of plateau.

So can you just do sticking point training and still get the hypertrophy along with the strength gains? And not fuck a program?
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Tamere02 private msg quote post Address this user
You could. Theres nothing wrong with using different variations of the Mainlift as your main movement. But doing so IMO could lead to two small problems.

1, your 'sticking point' is not at the point you think so. E.g weak lockout on deadlifts can be due to being weak off the floor and not producing enough bar speed to lockout.

2, get you use to that movement leading to weakness in other parts of the main lift. E.g using lighter weights for deficit deads too much can effect lockout when trying to max out because the weight is significantly heavier than what you have been working with.

I'd recommend if you are going to use a variation as your main movement to address sticking points using the full movement as an accessory exercise afterwards just to train it
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Trev182 private msg quote post Address this user
I know a few people now, Jason Blaha for one, who trains sticking points mostly.

Such as his deadlift, he only did heavy beltless deficit pulls for months on end.

Another guy I know only trained paused squats for months.

Both made good strength gains on there main lifts when they came to test.

So yes, you can work on sticking points only and progress.

think that's what you've asked lol!
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bslo private msg quote post Address this user
Some of the best plers do sticking point training. I think block pulls and defecits are great. Not sure with squats but I did pin presses with like 20 lbs below my 1rm and my bench skyrocketed. I think alot of people train the lockout on bench alot more than they should.
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Rand private msg quote post Address this user
I should probably do more of this. I just squat dead and bench no variations ever.
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Tamere02
1, your 'sticking point' is not at the point you think so.

Right there ^^^

My preference is to train the main lift, then focus on sticking points afterward. For example, I'm a big fan of running normal bench sets, then close grip bench press as an accessory.

This seems WAY more effective than doing bench followed by a "normal" triceps exercise like triceps push-downs or something.
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