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Matt Ogus on ABS.
Love the last line..

Abs! Simplified, You're born with the blueprint, you strengthen and build them over time through training, and you lower your bodyfat to show them off. 

The two main factors in my opinion to the visual aspect are (1st) genetics and (2nd) your body fat level. Not that building them is isn't important, I simply think some people overestimate the role of effort and spend more energy than needed in that area. (And some people could probably increase their efforts too). 

Improvements do happen, but visually my abs have been much like this (obviously I'm lean here), the way they are now, since I was 16, or so, whether I trained them more or less. Yeah They're stronger than before, but bodyfat% held constant, my abs looks similar at age 16-18 as they do at 22-23 years old. 

Am I telling you to not train abs? No sir. Just understand them, and strategically place effort and stress where you'll make more fruitful gains - like your main compound lifts. For some people, you have the genetics and the muscle, but the extra ab work seems to not be working because what you actually need to do is lower your bodyfat level. For many people, lowering bodyfat won't give you what you're looking for because your genetics didn't prescribe you visually appealing abs, regardless of how long or hard you have or haven't trained them. Adjust your expectations and make different goals. Visuals aside, I'll end with this note - Your relationship with training has to be more than just about having abs 
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yeah i saw this post on his instagram. def agree with him. i've personally never had a six pack, so i can't say a lot lol. but i do like to hit abs twice a week because i figure when i do get to a lower body fat, i'll have more development by working those muscles (not just with squats and deadlifts, or any other exercise that engages your core).
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wow! That makes me think.... I really want to see some abs for once, to be honest! I like to focus on the compound lifts myself and planks, yoga and a few weighted crunches.
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@brian12 thanks for posting! He coulda just said "low body fat = abs"but it's reassuring to hear sensible advice from a pro!
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Nice post.

People also tend to lose sight of what being lean really does to the whole physique. Abs are nice, but being lean makes EVERYTHING look much, much better. Crappy ab genetics? Really doesn't matter. Nobody is going to look at someone with an athletic physique at 10% body fat and say "eh, they don't look good, bad abs". IMO, well rounded training and diet, along with not really giving a crap about abs, will leave you happier in the end.
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Never trains and crew, Most movements in the gym requires core stability to an extent, the abs wil be popping when your lean.

Cracks me up seeing people doing 'abs' for 30 mins and they're not even lean thinking they'll start showing soon.
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