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ICF 5x5 variation?15363

Aku private msg quote post Address this user
Mon wed fri sun
Tue thurs sat mon
(and so on)

-Instead of 1x5 deadlift, 4x5
-3x8 front squat on B day instead of 5x5 front squat
-Heavy singles before deadlift, squat, bench, and OHP

I'm looking to get back into full body routines. I'm more on the intermediate side now. I hit 405 on DL and am going to max out on everything else in a bit. I'm guessing I have something close to 4/3/2/1 plate strength.
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
Honestly if u don't like the setup of the program pick something else otherwise don't change it mate !!
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twombles62 private msg quote post Address this user
Good luck with:
- deadlifting 4x5 twice a week
- heavy singles before 5x5 four times a week.

If you're getting back into full body I would definitely start it as written and see if want to increase it over time (wait at least a month to see how you're recovering).
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