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27 years old, 5'9, 142 lbs male around 12% BF

I am finishing up following an upper/lower split after doing push/pull/legs for over a year. I have done PHAT in the past, 5/3/1, Madcows, and some bro splits. I have been training since 2006. Started at 145 lbs. bulked to 220, cut back down to 140-145 lbs. where I have been treading for awhile.

My training is going to be changed up a bit. I am going to start training "instinctively". What does this mean? Well, I will follow some guidelines i.e. I'll know what muscle groups I'm working as well as total exercises for each muscle group, but besides that it will be winged. If I want to do incline DB on my chest day one day and flat BB on the next, I will.

I do have a heart condition known as aortic stenosis and my cardiologist limits my training to 10 or more reps for each exercise. He also recommends no powerlifting i.e. really heavy sets or hard straining so there won't be any "heavy" lifting in this log. I won't be deadlifting and my squatting will be higher reps.

Goals? LEAN BULK! I am aiming to put on 0.5 lb. a week for about the next year or so straight through. So hopefully this time next year I will be around 170 lbs. I'd like to stay relatively lean if not get a tad bit leaner while bulking. I know...impossible. I am training specifically for the Men's Physique type of look.

*Number in parentheses is the number of total exercises for the specific muscle group.

Day 1: Chest/Triceps (3 Chest, 2 Triceps)
Day 2 Back/Biceps (3 Back, 2 Biceps)
Day 3 Legs/Abs (2 Quads, 2 Hamstrings, 2 Calves, 3 Abs)
Day 4- Shoulders/Arms (1 Front Delts, 1 Side Delts, 1 Rear Delts, 1 Biceps, 1 Triceps)

Set/Rep: 3x10-12 for everything except Flyes/Crossovers/Rear Delts which are 3x12-15 and Calves which are 3x15-20
Cardio: 3-4x per week running various distances, anywhere from 1-5 miles.

Note: Off days will be taken when I feel like I need them. Some weeks might have 1 day off, some may have 2 or 3.

Today is my last day off while on the upper/lower split so I start up this log tomorrow.

Current macros:

Calories: 2910
Carbs: 378
Fat: 82
Protein: 165
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Mom for this obvs.
Lower the fats up the carbs. Boom. 😁
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huh? lol

Oh and I changed fats to 72g and carbs to 395 and protein is 170g.
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Ment to say in for this.
Yea I found lower dara on the bulk leads to better body comp for me anyway. 😁
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