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usin the phat principle for lagging bodypart1527

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if u dnt know phat is wer u go heavy one day and light the other. i stopped phat due to injuries but decided y not use the principles for lagging bodyparts. i know a few of u do phat and others use this prnciple. mikeew does it for chest. im gna use it for shoulders

monday and friday

workout1 high volume shoulder workout
(actually gna be doin this later)
db press 4x 8-12
lat raises 4x10-15
front raises 4x10-15
rev flys 4x10-15
(every few workouts il do 10x10 lat raises and will use dropsets. i read arnolds article sayin be creative for delts)

the next day i do back so should i still do rev flys monday??? also should i do traps with back r shoulders?

workout 2 friday low volume plus with legs
9 to 12 sets of legs followed by
db press 3x4-8
lat raises 3x6-10
reverse flys 3x6-10
shrugs 3(dropsets)


i decided to just train arms once with high volume so then i can concentrate on chest and back more by giving them there 100% own days and more volume
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Popeye25 private msg quote post Address this user
prob gna use it for 1 muscle for like 8 weeks then do it for like chest r back next
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I've been struggling on chest for a long time. I did PHAT for a few months and finally broke some barriers but still didn't get the progress I wanted. So now I'm finally splitting my chest up into two different work outs per week (upper/lower). I made up a bit of a modified PHAT program with hypertrophy and strength in the same day. I also incorporated negative dropsets on any exercises that were safe to do so. As for doing reverse flys the next day after back (if I'm reading that right) I don't think it will negatively affect you. Ive always done traps with shoulders because a number of shoulder exercises already activate traps. To be honest there's no clear cut answer and whatever you choose should be positive.
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ya il prolly do traps 2mz with back even tho i just did delts high vol an hour ago. il see how i feel with the traps and rev flys and modify next week. not that big a deal anyway. i can do traps with delts heavy day with legs tho. its delts and trap im tryna bring up
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phat vs weilder?
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completely different
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