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Rep range for sports15210

stewie private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Guys

Currently my main focus is obstacle course racing.

I hit the gym 3 days a week:
2 Upper
1 Lower (I can't do another session as it hinders my running/cycling workouts)

Rest of the week I run/cycle/mountain bike.

What would be the best rep range to train for functional strength and muscle endurance needed for obstacle racing?

I was thinking:
Upper day 1: 5 x 5 heavy for raw strength
Lower day : 5 x 5 heavy for raw strength
Upper day 2: around 20 x 3 for muscle endurance
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
@stewie my belief is that any endurance training should be sport-specific. So dedicating a day of weight lifting to "muscle endurance" doesn't make a ton of sense. Others may disagree, but "muscle endurance" sounds like something someone made up to sell a fitness magazine.)

I think you would be better off focusing on "raw strength" in the gym 3x per week then dedicate your cardio days specifically to obstacle racing. That way you can work on your racing technique when you're tired which is very important when it's time to compete.
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kickinchicken private msg quote post Address this user
I'm with @mikew. Check out stronglifts 5x5 for a strength focused 3 day/week full body or a possibly westside for skinny bastards

Strong lift
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There's also a very simple app as well

clickable text

Throw some mobility work everyday with Limber 11

What kind of racing exactly do you do? Petal bike dirt track or something?
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
I have to disagree. Muscular endurance and training for it are very real. IMO, you should train like you're going to compete. If your obstacle course requires you to lift 400 pounds and walk ten feet with it, deadlifts with 5x5 would be optimal. However, if you're going to have to carry 100 pounds and walk a quarter mile with it, 5x5 is not going to help. I would advise structuring your routine to resemble the lifts that you need to perform, or at the very least working the same muscles in the same manner. -3X
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