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Most effecitve in a hypertrophy perspective?14974

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As the title says, which one of the alternatives below do you think is the most effective for hypertrophy if you have been lifting for a few years and if the workouts are done every 4th and 5th day in cycles?

Alternative 1

Bench: 4x8/10RM
DB shoulder press: 3x10/12RM
DB flyes: 3x10/12RM
Cable lateral raise: 3x10/12RM
Tricepsextension: 3x8/10RM
Pushdowns: 3x10/12RM

Straight sets with submaximal weights were you increase the weight when 8 or 10 reps can be done in the last set (next to last in bench).
So the first sets are finished around ~2 reps from failure and the last one taken to 1 rep from failure, it is with other words a pain in the ass to complete but it is completed.

Alternative 2

Bench: 3x6-8
DB shoulder press: 3x8-12
DB flyes: 3x8-12
Cable lateral raise: 3x10-12
Tricepsextension: 3x8-10
Pushdowns: 2x10-12

Lower volume then alternative 1 but a higher intensity and closer to failure, like in Lyle Mcdonalds generic bulking routine.
You start with a weight that allows you to complete the highest rep in the rep range and keep it untill you reach the lowest, after that you lower the weight so you can keep working in the rep range.
The progression would be measured in the first set, when you can complete 1 more rep then the highest in the rep range you simply increase the weight.
All sets taken to the point were you can't do any more with a good form, 1-2 from fail.
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I think the difference in effectiveness would be really minimal. As long as you progress with each, neither would be more beneficial imo. It probably comes down to preference.

It would be a lot easier to just do straight sets at one weight until you can hit your rep goal, then go up 5 lbs next time.
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