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Just a little bit of Q&A -gtfih and win reps14965

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Originally Posted by hollyhopeful5678
Originally Posted by Rawn

OMG REGGIE!! So funny you found this!! I love this movie; nice find, bro.

Glad someone knew who it was
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from someone who is constantly injured .. all i can say is i did "barbie and ken" aka planet fitness weights for a while and if one thing i could pass on is do shoulder mobility .. Period just do one exercies every upper body day . You will be up to speed in no time if do mobility excercise at least one for shoulder and one for whatever body part u hurt . Do something different each upper body workout ..but i am just a injured A hole with little knowledge ..

this is the golden cow for me .. putting them on lower , so it works pretty much bi tri shoulders everything . anyhow ..

12 injuries including dislocation of shoulder 9 times .. btw last time i dislocated shoulder (post surgery) . i set it back in place myself in front of a trainer and manager (whilst they whinced in pain ) and then did legs and biked 10 miles .. like a boss

only masters i have is in not giving up and keep training ..and not giving a Fukc lifting barbie weights (2 pounders) till i am where i am now .. rinse and repeat double major
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@simply_michael thanks, I actually used to do and still do tons of not only shoulder mobility but full body mobility. My physio advised me not to do Limber 11 Because of my arm but gave me a list of "okayed" stretches as well as alternates to increase my mobility while fighting boredom. My IT Bands are really tight as well so I have a leg mobility routine as well but shoulder dislocations were okayed for me to do with a PVC pipe and they've worked wonders!

I always did them before but with rods and screws in my arm it's much more difficult 😅
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h3r3 4 r3pz
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@FiremanSi You pull out some damn good vids bro!
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@Aspire2Inspire Thanks mate.
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