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"retract the ****** SCAPULA14919

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so i was watching this video of Chris Jones from POG now this helped me alot but im still kinda shaky on this topic because when i Retract my shoulders and scapula lay down on the bench and lets say do incline db press? I have a limited range of motion because my back and shoulders are retracted and i have an arch so i end up looking like t-rex trying to db press. Also i lose the retraction when doing it.
Don't gatta watch the whole video but from 7:56 to 9:12 is where i got confused.
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This video did an amazing job at showing me what people meant by scapula retraction. You may be squeezing your shoulder blades back too much and that is what is limiting your ROM. You dont need to fully lock out your elbows each rep with db press, although you could if you are so inclined, but i always stop just a hair before my elbows "pop" in. On other days i go as far up as i can and squeeze them faqqurs though.

For some reason i feel i maay have missed the point of this post... but oh well.

YOu should start a log/thread/tim's question spot.
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I post my questions in my physique log but i thought i'd make a topic because maybe people have the same problem. Thanks though ima try to retract less maybe it will help. Idk why it happens though i got long arms oh well i must be doing something wrong.
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