Monday- Chest and arms
Flat BB bench Wu and 3 Heavy working sets
DB Incline Press 3 x 12-15 reps
Pec dec Flys 3 x12-15
BB curls 3 sets
Machine preacher curls 3 sets
V bar tricep pushdowns 3 sets

Tuesday – Back and shoulders
OHP wu and 3 working sets of 5-8 reps each
Snatch grip high raise 3x10 sometimes superset these with ohp
Hang clean 4x5
Weighted Pullups 4 sets of 5-8
Db row with chest against incline bench 3x12
Farmers carry 3 sets for time

Wednesday- Legs
Low bar squat work up to heavy 3s x 3 sets
Power clean (these are new to me so for now im just doing sets of 1-3)
RDLs 3x12
Hamstring Curls 3x12
Thursday - Chest and arms
Pin Press 5x3-5
Weighted dips 3x5-8
DB floor press 3x12
DB hammer curls both arms 3x10
BB curls 3x12

Friday - Back and shoulders
Seated BB mil press 4x8-10
Seated DB strict side raise 3x12
BB row 4x5-8
Lat pulldown 3x10
Db row 3x10

Saturday- Legs
Deadlifts working up to sets of 3x3 -5
SLDL 3x10
Leg press 4x12-15
Walking Lunges for about 25 reps per leg.
And finally rest Sunday.

So this is kind of what i have been doing the past few weeks, goals are to improve my power and strength by focusing on compound movements and some oly shit. I like what i have been doing. I just know there are alot of kinks to be worked out and I was hoping you all could help me with that. Alot of these lifts are new to me so im still messing with technique.