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Modified PHAT what do you guys think?14785

ParkerHenry private msg quote post Address this user
Upper Power
* Barbell Row 3x3-5
* Weighted Pullups 2x6-10
* Weighted Chins 2x6-10 (instead of rack chins)
* Bench Press 3x3-5
* Incline Dumbbell Press 2x6-10 (instead of dips to focus more on upper chest)
* Seated Dumbbell Press 3x6-10
* Barbell Curl 3x6-10
* Skullcrushers 3x6-10

Lower Power
* Squats 3x3-5
* Barbell Lunges 2x6-10 (instead of hack squats)
* Leg Extensions 2x6-10
* Stiff-Leg Deadlift 3x5-8
* Lying Leg Curl 2x6-10
* Standing Calf Raise 3x6-10
* Seated Calf Raise 2x6-10
* Hanging Leg Raise 3xfailure (added in)

* Barbell Row 6x3
* Weighted Chins 3x8-12 (instead of rack chins)
* Seated Rows 3x8-12
* One-Arm Dumbbell Row 2x12-15 (instead of incline row)
* Close-Grip Pulldowns 2x15-20
* Seated Dumbbell Press 3x8-12
* Side Laterals 2x12-15
* Face Pulls 3x15-20

* Squats 6x3
* Lunges 3x8-12 ( instead of hack squats)
* Leg Press 2x12-15
* Leg Extensions 3x15-20
* RDL 3x8-12
* Lying Leg Curls 2x12-15
* Seated Leg Curls 2x15-20
* Standing Calf Raise 4x10-15
* Seated Calf Raise 3x15-20
* Hanging Leg Raise 4xfailure

* Bench Press 6x3
* Incline Dumbbell Press 3x8-12
* Weighted Dips 3x12-15 ( instead of hammer strength press)
* Incline Flyes 2x15-20
* Barbell Curl 3x8-12
* Incline Curl 2x12-15
* Concentration Curl 2x15-20
* Skullcrushers 3x8-12
* Rope Pushdowns 2x12-15
* One-Arm Extensions 2x15-20
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Trev182 private msg quote post Address this user
Looks fine, but why does a tried and tested routine need altered?
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rememberthis private msg quote post Address this user
because you only get conservative with age
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