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Hello brothers of the iron!

I lurk this site so much it was time I made a log, and stuck to it this time. I plan on updating this log as frequently as I can and will be uploading photos in the next couple days. I am definitely here to learn and better myself so I am open to critique and criticism and questions!

About me: I just turned 21 in late May, 5'11 and 173lbs
Maxes: Dead 410, Squat 345, Bench 255

Currently cutting down from about 178 and have dropped 5 in the last 5-6 weeks. Just finished 3 months of Wendler 5/3/1 and saw very good strength gains but was getting bored and looking for more hypertrophy.

Macros: 275c/165p/49f... 2200 calls...400 below maintenance

I will be running PHAT as it is on this site which minor adjustments as well as HIIT 3x per week for 15-20mins

Weight X sets X reps

6/30 Upper Power
TBar row - 125x3x5
DB Bench - 85x3x5
DB shoulder - 50x3x10
Pullups - BW/9,7,6
Latpulls - 120x2x10
Weighted dips - BW+30x2x10
EZ Curls - 70x3x10
Skull crushers - 70x3x10

7/1 Lower Power

Squats - 275x3x5,5,4
Hack Squats - 90 each side x2x10
Leg Extensions - 100x2x10
Stiff Deads - 185x3x5
Lying Hams - 100x2x10
Seated calves - 45x2x10
Standing calves - 205x3x10
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Xxlean private msg quote post Address this user
I'll follow along...good luck with your cut
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@rklohe in to help and learn.
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user

Had a pretty solid lift yesterday and had a pretty epic cheat day.

Got some Pad Thai with my girlfriend for lunch

Then went to PF Chang's with my family after we walked on the beach

Food porn.

Morning weight was 172.2

Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy

Speed Tbar - 95x3x5
Pulldowns - 110x3x12
Seated Cable row - 110x3x12
Incine DB row - 55x315
Close Grip pulldowns - 110x2x15
Seated DB Press - 45x3x12 (really focused on control and form)
Upright rows - 90x2x15
Lateral Raise - 20x3x12
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
7/3 Morning weight at 172.2

Chest and Arms Hypertrophy

Pretty solid lift today, nothing too special. Although I went to an orthopedic surgeon and am going to have to start physical therapy on my shoulder for an old football injury and if that doesn't solve the issue I will have to get surgery to get it cleaned out and fixed.

DB Bench speed work - 60x6x3
Incline DB Bench - 70x3x12
Incline Cable fly - 20x2x20
Preacher curls - 55x3x12
Concentration curls - 25x2x12
BB curl - 50x2x15
Rolling DB Extensions - 30x3x12
Rope tris - 40x2x15
DB kickbacks - 2x10x20 (squeeze at extension)

Here are a couple pics post workout

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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Hope everyone had a nice, long holiday weekend! I definitely cheated these last few days, have gone out to eat waaaay to much but now we are back on track!


My average weight for last week came out to 172.3

Legs Hypertrophy

Squats - 135x6x3 my knees have been really bothering me so I kept it light and even this was causing me some issues so I am going to take it easy on the squats for a bit.
Hack squats - 2plates x3x12
Leg press - 3plates x2x15
Leg extensions - 100x2x20
Stiff deadlifts - 165x3x12
Lying leg curls - 100x2x15
Seated leg curl - 90x2x20
Donkey Calves - 45x4x12
Standing Calves - 180x3x15

Overall it was a pretty solid lift, just a little worried about the knees. I start physical therapy for my shoulder soon so I will definitely ask about my knees while I am there
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user

Morning weight 173.2 - probably goin up after I cheated all weekend. Back on track though

Upper Power

DB Bench - 85x3x5 (slow, controlled)
Tbar row - 130x3x5 (squeeze at top)
DB shoulder - 55x3x10
Chin-ups - BWx2x10
Pull downs - 130x2x10
Dips - skipped, shoulder acting up
EZ Curls - 70x3x10
Rolling DB - 30x3x10

Went to the doctor today and got an X-ray on my right shoulder. Starting physical therapy soon. Also, my knees are really acting up and hurting. Not sure if its because of the cut or what but will have to see if I can squat/press tomorrow. Im thinking I have an anterior pelvic tilt that I started working on today. Any help would be welcome!

Have a good day shredders!
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Piggles private msg quote post Address this user
Hey dude, hope the shoulder is going well.

I've got anterior pelvic tilt issues, this page gave me a bit of a run down on what's going on (very basic).

This one is next level, but was probably more than I needed to know - hope it helps
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
@Piggles hey thanks man! I am really working on increasing my core strength with planks and foam rolling and stretching my hips. Also going to start working my strengthening my gluteus and hamstrings to correct the imbalances I have
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user

Morning Weight was 171.8

Knee was feeling iffy so I kept it light on all my leg work. Have a lot of mobility drills that I need to do for my ankles and hips. Have been foam rolling a lot and stretching tons to work on my flexibility and mobility.

Lower Power
Squats - 185x3x5 then 225x2x5
Hack squats - 2 platesx2x10
Leg extensions 90x2x10 (going to drop because of knee issues)
Still leg deadlifts - 185x4x8
Lying ham curls - 100x2x10
Seated calves - 45x2x10
Standing calves - 205x3x10

Today was my back and shoulder hypertrophy day. Everything felt really good. Weight moved slowly and I had a really good pump in my back and delts. I took out upright rows and out in front raises because of my shoulder issue.

Also, start physical therapy for my shoulder next Wednesday so I should be getting this baby fixed up!

Back and Shoulder Hypertrophy

Tbar rows - 100x6x3
Lat Pulldowns - 110x3x12
Single-arm seated cable row - 60x3x12
Incline DB row - 50x2x15
CP Pulldwns - 110x2x20
Seated DB Shoulder Press - 50x3x12
DB Front raise - 20x2x15
DB Lateral raise - 20x2x15

I also did some briefcase walks at the end to work on my core strength and did 20 minutes of HIIT on the Stair Master to finish.

Here some pics from today. Don't mind the rash I have from my detergent lol.

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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Hope y'all had a good weekend.

Had my legs workout on Saturday and just squatted and did some stiff deads because of my knee pain. But it is getting better which is good, must had just tweaked it but I will be talking to my pt about it on Wednesday.

Morning weight was 172.6 - was up to 175 on Saturday after a night of all-you-can-eat sushi haha

Upper Power
DB Bench - 90x3x5 - rep PR!!
Tbar row - 135x3x5
Chin-ups - bwx2x10
Lat pulldown - 130x2x10
DB shoulder press - 60x3x10
EZ curls - 75x3x10
Rolling DB tris - 35x3x10 - need to drop the weight and focus on form

Overall it was a good lift. Down to 2100 cals this week still doing 50/30/20 with HIIT 3-4x per week.

I am thinking of ending this cut soon, I am definitely much leaner and strength is still there but I want to start reverse dieting so that I can bulk slowly while at school. And eating 2100 cals is pretty tough haha, I am always hungry
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@rklohe holy shit 2100 WHY ??
HOW long has this cut gone on ??
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_RudeCrew private msg quote post Address this user
Strong lifts man
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
@FiremanSi I am pretty sedentary apart from lifting. I am a cubicle monkey for 9 hours of the day haha. And I started dropping cals the 3rd week of May. But this is getting really tough so I am going to start adding calls back in after this week

@_RudeCrew thanks brother
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@rklohe What BF% are u at ??
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
@FiremanSi I have no idea what bf. Not to worried about it to be honest, just going off the scale and mirror. I kept cals at 2200 this week and will up 100 each week till im above maintenance by 300-400


Lower Power
With the knee still not 100% I just squatted did SLDL, lunges, and lying ham curls

Squats - 265x3x5 working on breathing, mobility, and form really helped my depth and power out of the holw
SLDL - 195x4x8
Lunges - 40x3x10
Ham curls - 100x3x10
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user

Today I had my first session for my shoulder physical therapy and I learned A TON. Also asked about my knee. Might make a thread sharing some of what I learned, and to be honest the majority of it is what @ek has been saying all along! So definitely take his advice and coaching so you don't end up having to get physical therapy on your shoulder!!!

Morning weight 170.4

Definitely going to reverse diet, cutting with these low cals is taking a toll on my body and I honestly do not have enough muscle mass to be cutting and I need to work on balancing out my body more than trying to look good. Health is most important right now!

Back/Shoulders Hyper

Tbar - 105x6x3
Lat pulls - 120x3x12
Single-arm seated cable row - 60x3x12
Incline DB row - 55x2x15
CG pull down - 110x2x02
DB shoulder press - 55x3x12
Front raise - 20x2x15
Lateral raise - 15x2x20
Face pulls - 60x3x12

Big focus on this lift was keeping a neutral spine and working on tightening my core to support my spine so form was on point today
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Hope yall had a good weekend. This weekend I have started reverse dieting so I will be eating 2300 cals a day now.

Morning weight 170.6

Chest/Arms Hyper
DB bench - 65x6x3
Incline DB Bench - 75x3x10
Hammer Strength Chest press - 60x2x15
Incline cable fly 22x2x20
Preacher curl - 55x3x12
Concentration curl - 25x2x15
BB curls - 50x2x20
Rolling DB - 25x3x12 (form much better)
Rope tris - 40x3x15
DB kickbacks - 10x2x20

Solid lift, felt strong and am feeling good in general. Been working on strengthening my core very seriously and keeping a neutral spine.
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Been super busy, still running phat and getting stronger every day and weighing around 171 lbs

Getting 2300 calories and feeling good, slowly adding more in each week! Seeing good progress with my shoulder therapy too so I cant complain.

Took today off from the gym, tomorrow is chest/arms hyper and I am pretty pumped for it. Will update more tomorrow when I have more time. Work is swamping me and life at the moment but still finding time for the gym.

Hope y'all are having a good week, make everyday count!
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Life is finally slowing down more so I will be back to daily updates here

Highlights from this week:
DB bench press 95x3x5 - this was a big PR of mine
Also getting little spiderweb veins in my felts which is pretty cool! I'll try and snag a pic

Going to make next week a deload as my body is pretty shot right now. Rehab is going very well and my hip mobility is improving which is great news!

Lowest weight this week was 169.2 and I'm eating 2400cals, so still losing weight on this reverse diet. I will bump up to 2500 on Monday

Bought some romaleos for squats which I am super pumped about!! Can't wait to get them I hope the sizing and fit is right. Will add an inzer lever belt in the next week or two after I get paid again
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Just when I think life is slowing down I get hammered at work and at school! So much going on haha

had a solid deload this week, bumping up to 2600cals this week. Am down to 168lbs average.

Strength is still good and am going to switch up some of my exercises coming up for PHAT. BB bench, deadlifts, front squats and some others will be added to replace my other compounds.

Knees are feeling very good and the shoulder is getting better each day.


my nike romaleos2 came in today and I LOVE them. Hit squats today and felt very powerful and explosive while getting awesome depth. Still doing mobility work and strengthening my core as much as possible.

also have my inzer lever belt in the mail as well as my rehband knee sleeves. have never felt so motivated and dedicated in my life and the results are flowing because of it. training smarter and more effectively!
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
Gettin kitted out SON.
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
@FiremanSi seriously though! I consider these purchases investments in myself seeing as they will all last me a very long time
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Oh daddy! Really killed my legs today, hittin a good groove with the new kicks!

Squats - 275 3x5
Stiff deads - 185 5x5
BB lunges - 90 3x12
Lying ham curls - 90 3x15
Standing calves - 180 5x8
Donkey calves - 45 3x12

Felt super good even though I went kayaking for 3 HOURS with my family for my parents' anniversary. Feelin good!
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rklohe private msg quote post Address this user
Upper power

Bench - 185 5x5
Pull-ups - 5x6
DB shoulder press - 60 3x10
Tbar row - 90 5x12
V bar tricep - 100 5x15
BB curl - 70 5x15
Face pulls - 25 3x12
Hanging leg raises - 3x12

Loving the changes I've made so far. Looking forward to big strength gains and size
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340769 25 25
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