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Hi Guys

I've been running Wendler 5-3-1 for 4 cycles now using the BBB template and I've loved it. I'm going to keep on using the 5-3-1 theory but I want to incorporate more of a bro split approach as hypertrohpy has always been my personal main goal.

However, the gym I go too is a strength and conditioning gym and as such doesn't have any machines. It has an abundance for free weights, squat racks and olympic platforms but only a leg press and hack squat machine.

So my question is - what exercises could you guys suggest for leg days? I'll obviously be doing squats but on most bro splits include leg curls and leg extensions that I can't do.

Any help appreciated.

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There are variations of different movements that you can perform.. for quads, you can do lunges, split squats, front squats, step ups, etc. For a leg curl motion, you could do kneeling leg curls, or set yourself up on a GHR (assuming they have one). As far as posterior chain movements, you have countless you can do without a machine (deadlift variations, glute thrusters, etc).
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Cool, thanks man, much appreciated. They do have a GHR so I'll make some use of that.
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