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*Wendler 531 TIP for Natties (Video)14655

FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
I set my wendler up on this basis BEFORE this video was up because i wanted to train my muscles 2x/week on wendler....

This is a great tip for all u guys on Wendler !!

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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
Interesting idea - if I understand it correctly - he says to mix and match the accessory work with the opposite exercise. E.g. Do OHP accessories on chest day and vice versa.

Is that right?
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Dai private msg quote post Address this user
I'm wondering about trying this to get stronger and maybe put on some more mass
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@mikew Yeah exactly... Especially doing squat accesory exercise on deadlift day and deadlift accessory on squats day.. and the accessories can obvs be more deads and squats... this will have u hittin back and legs twice weekly and squatting and deadlifting twice weekly on this program.
The adding in some additional work for weaker points.
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
@FiremanSi the approach that works best for me is a mix of ME work for the main exercise and DE work for the opposite exercise. My 531 split is something like this:

- ME Squat 5/3/1 + DE deadlift 5 sets of 2 at ~60% + legs/core accessories

- ME Deadlift 5/3/1 + DE box squat 5 sets of 2 with bands at ~60% + legs/core accessories

- ME Bench + Rows + accessories

- DE Bench + Rows + accessories

For me personally, it makes more sense to mix & match the ME/DE stuff as instead of switching *every* accessory. Guess I just get into a good groove with certain workouts and like to keep it going without changing gears.

That being said, I made the most progress with my bench by splitting the ME/DE stuff over two days. My theory is that it's best to pick one lift out of the Big 3 and focus on that 2x per week.
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MMB private msg quote post Address this user
I was already doing it that way when I started 531 cause I looked at yours haha. I don't how long ago, I tryrd it the "normal" way and I was not enjoying it as much. Now that I see this thread it reminds me that I totally forgot to put them back in the reversed order! Damn that's a teally good reminder.
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@mikew I think alot of people like the idea of DE work and its differnet and exciting and who doesnt like SPEED... but in realistically the level most of us are at it will have minimal carryover to our lifts BUT to help nail down form and get some explosive rep work from differnet setups into our routine.
I've seen a few people like bryce lewis, jason blaha and brandon campbell that used to use it but found it had minmal carryover and they were BETTER off just using the time to Squat Dead and Bench MORE possibly in higher rep range or alternative versions in stead i.e. if u low bar do some high bar or paused squats... if u sumo do some conventionals instead of DE work... and when u go to do DE bench do paused, wide grip or close grip.
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