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Lean Bulk Macros and Nutrionist app,on PHAT14634

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What up SS,

I have 4 questions at the bottom, regarding my diet and the Nutritionist App by Kelechi Opara.

Current height/weight:
6'1 185.2 lbs.
Naturally tall, skinny, and small chest, but with broad shoulders and I gain fat relatively easily. So, I dont think I'm a pure ectomorph.

Kelechi Opara's Nutritionist app is what I'm using to track my macros. I like it a lot, really simple and accurate (I weigh the majority of my food).

The app is starting me at 3016Kcal
Macros 226.8P 314.8C 94.5F

If I multiply my body weight by X15

185.2Lbs x 15 is 2,778Kcal

So, the app seems about right for a 300 Kcal surplus. I moved my carbs up to 335 to put myself closer to a 300 surplus based on the formulas.

However, I dont know if I should be multiplying my body weight by 15 or 16, just guessing. Not positive what my actual maintenance level is or how to determine it.

1) What numbers should I use to determine my maintenance calories?

2) How much should I adjust carbs if the scale doesnt move at all by next week?

3) Also, since I'm running PHAT should I eat a surplus on my off days (Wednesday and Sunday)?

4) Has anyone had success with Kelechi Opara's nutrionist app using the "muscle gain" function?

Thanks for any advice/suggestions.
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
If you go read the FAQ there is a very simple beginner macro calculator. I haven't used the app going to check it out now. I'd up your calories by 200 if you see no weight gain
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Thanks for the reply bro. That FAQ is dope, really informative.

I just input my stats on 3 of the maintenance calculators listed: 2927Kcal

IIFYM: 2724Kcal

M&S: 3085Kcal

So, I'll bump up to 3300Kcal If I dont see any gain by next week.

How much/how often should I increase calories in the weeks to follow so weight gain continues?

And should I just be increasing carbs? or fat as well?
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Kansas___Boyyyyy private msg quote post Address this user
if you don't see about a lb a week id up it 200 each week until you see the gain. What you increase depends on what you want your macro split to be. I'd recommend you stick to 50% carbs, .8-1g/lb of bodyweight of protein, fill the rest with fats
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Okay, for sure. I thought the purpose of a 300kcal surplus was to gain less than a lb a week though? Shouldn't a 300 surplus put me a 2.5-3lbs a month gain?

Just clarifying. I want to make the gains, and I know I'll gain some fat. I could just be misreading what you wrote brah.
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A pound per week is too much. I would aim for 0.3lb/week
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