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Ideas for compensating an acl14596

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I have had numerous operations on my ACL just over 2 years ago I had it reconstructed. 1 year after that I went back under knife as they thought there was something wrong still but found nothing.
I have been doing all my physio and got back into football training so I could keep my fitness up. Originally felt ok but not how I feel it should feel. However 6 months ago my standing leg whilst kicking a ball gave out, no impact so naturally with the problems I've had is obviously the acl. There was originally swelling etc but now I do have better movement and stability which seems strange. I'm now in position where my hamstring is fairly weak as the took a third for the reconstruction and I'm wondering what exercises are best to build it up. I also want to know whether anyone has advice on counterbalancing the acl so I can attempt to not have issues. I know when I played rugby as a nipper my coach said you can counter act you ligaments by building you hamstrings up however not sure if this relates to the acl.
Any serious advice would be highly appreciated as only so many knock backs you can take!
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The Dark
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Stop playing soccer. At least for a while. There's simply too much quad recruitment with kicking especially. What kind of weight training are you doing currently? What has your doctor said about the pathology presently? No one is going to be able to give you a fair and accurate answer if you haven't seen your physician to re-evaluate what's going on in there. If it happens that you've injured your PCL, extra ham work is not going to be beneficial at the moment. -3X
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Jonno11 private msg quote post Address this user
Been back to see the surgeon who did all the test such as sitting on my feet and trying to pull it etc and there wasn't much movement, in fact he actually said how good it felt. He did keep saying that building the hamstring up is going to be important.
When I said about my concerns especially down to the giving out/ weakness he said its down to strength of the leg as there is to much strain specifically on the knee joint.
As I said I've had no problems for 6 months so I'm now just keen to kick on and build it up. But don't wanna spend loads of time do exercises that would be irrelevant to what I need.
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Elminister private msg quote post Address this user
Try biking. I've had various ACL injuries and biking was always how I recovered some of my leg muscles. In fact, that's what I'm doing now, along with very light and cautious weight training.

But if your knee doesn't feel ready, just go for biking / incline walks. After my first injury, I could never go back to playing football. Every attempt to return to it simply resulted in new injury.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
If you have stability and your doctor says it's ok, I'd really hit those hammies hard and never, under any circumstance, do leg extensions- to much anterior stress on the joint. -3X
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