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Me and my friend is wondering about starting on the Madcow after this summer, cause we realized that we both probably need and want to add some strength, as we have learned more and more that 8-12 doesn't have to be only way to add muscles. So we have been looking over routine I got Reg Parks 5x5, then we also both have been looking at Madcow.

Me: 70 kg 168 cm, 120x4 squat, 160x1 dead lift, 100x2 kg bench

My friend: 86kg 179cm, 140x3 kg squat, 190x1 kg dead lift, 105x3 kg bench

So your thoughts?

Also my concern is kinda also the arms, not that I want to do 5301 different curls in one workout, but as that they are kinda my weakness it would be nice to add some on them. However already seen on the site someone mention lift heavier, so I guess it could solve it self without me having to focus on it.
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Madcow is a great routine, but just realize that 5x5 isn't your only option. If you feel as though you can still progress using linear progression, then go for it. If not, there are many other powerlifting routines out there that will yield great strength results.

Westside (Conjugate System), 5/3/1, and Sheiko are some options, but certainly not your only options.

Also, you can simply add in a little extra isolation work at the end of Madcow, if you're intent on doing that. Just don't add too much (I.E. Completely change the program).
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Yeah I'm wondering about at least trying it, after reading up on it and the fact that I haven't done it before. Cause first year was the typical brosplit while I was still learning and now its almost a year of a upper lower split instead.

Been looking at them as well, but Westside does sounds good, but maybe a bit to powerlifting oriented.

Yeah been thinking about that mainly it might be be 1 exercise for triceps, biceps, abs and lower back. Last one cause I had a injury and sometimes it only feel in my left side when I deadlift and squat, however the form seems to be correct. Both I and the doctor agreed that doing some light stuff for it might help, as there is no actual problem with it when he checked it
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Oh thanks for your respond
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