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So i attempted to start log a while ago, but completely failed. It was a phat log, like this one. I got advised, I'm sure correctly, not to run it, and I've given 5/3/1 a go and honestly didn't enjoy it. I love PHAT, the challenge of it and the variety in it makes me really enjoy my time in the gym. So, stubbornly I'm going to continue to run PHAT. I actually tried to create a split for a week, but decided I didn't have the knowledge to create an optimal one.

My stats-16
6 ft
Body fat:14-15% (estimate)
Squat-145x3 ATG

This is my split, i switched out lower power day for the ed coan deadlift program, to make up for the hamstring focus on this day I dropped some hamstring work on the lower hypertrophy day. Running the ed coan program to hit a 5 plate deadlift, purely for just wanting to get up 5 plates, i acknowledge this may not be optimal, would like to hear what others have to say.

Deadlift/hams Deadlifts 175 1x2
Speed Deadlifts 142.5 8x3
SLDL 105 3x8
Good mornings 55 3x8

Upper power Pendlay row 3x
Pull Ups 2x
Rack chins 2x
BB Bench 3x
Weighted Dips 2x
Seated DB press 3x
Cambered curls 3x
Skullcrushers 3x

Back/Shoulders Speed rows 6x
Rack chins 3x
Cable row 3x
Seal rows 2x
CG Pulldowns 2x
Seated DB Press 3x
Upright Rows 2x
Side laterals 3x

Lower Hyper Speed Squats 6x3
Squats 3x812 +1 heavy
Single legpress 2x
single leg ext. 3x
Standing ham curls 4x

Chest arms hyp. Speed Bench 6x
Incline DB 3x
Hammer chest press 3x
Incline cable flys 2x
Preacher curls 3x
Concentration curls 2x
Strict Cable curls 2x
Cable Tri ext. 3x
Rope ext. 2x
Kickbacks 2x

Sorry for the wall of text, appreciate all tips and info, will look to upload an avi soon and film some lifts so i can get as much knowledge as possible. Cheers in advance!
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Originally Posted by cwt
My stats-16
6 ft
Body fat:14-15% (estimate)
Squat-145x3 ATG

Impressive for a 16 y/o, definitely need pics and videos haha
How long have you been lifting dude? I generally wouldn't advise PHAT for a 16 y/o but if you're hitting those numbers without endangering yourself through form must have started pretty early.
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Back shoulders hyper
Been sick last few days, especially today, went to a different gym to normal. I watched the Jason blaha video a few times this week as my bench is basically close grip and hence not progressing as I'd like it to. So I did a few sets before my workout today, the actual pressing felt really good, my grip was wider, my back had a better arch and I felt like I could push through my feet a lot more, found it harder to unrack the weight though, for some reason.
Also, I left my straps at home, and it made me realise how weak my grip is. Forearm size is pretty decent, but my grip is atrocious. Anyone know ways I can improve this whilst not ruining my workouts?
Anyway-the workout
Pendlay rows-70kgsx6setsx3
Rack chins-bw+5x10,8,8
Cable row-60/50/50x9,9,9
Chest supported high to low rows-60/40/40 (each side)x7/12/10
CG pulldowns 55x12,10
Seated DB Press 30kg dbsx8,7,6
Upright rows 35kgsx12,12
Leaning cable laterals 6.25/3.75/3.75x10,10,10

The back part of the workout wasnt great, different gym so had to find things and figure out the different weights etc. I've decided that on hyper days I'm going to just focus on form+contraction, but still working on progressive overload, and make the heavy weight +bigger increases on the power days. Not sure if a good idea or not yet,any thoughts? Cheers
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Morning shot, shitty lighting and flat but wanted to get a photo up
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Lower hyper:
(Accidentally did squats before speed squats)
Squats 3x120x9
Speed pause squats 6x80x3
Single leg press 2x1.5p a sidex12
Leg ext. 3x60x12,10,8
BW Swiss ball ham curls 4x10
Lying ham curls 3x40x8,8,7

I do most of my hamstring work on my 'lower power' day-hence the overpowering quad work here.

Chest arms hyper

Speed bench 6x65x3 (so happy with how my technique felt)
Incline db press (30deg) 3x36x8,6,6
Hammer chest press 3x35x10,9,7/8
Incline cable flys 2x16.25e.ax10
Preacher curls 3x40x11(failure),8,8
Db concentration curls 2x10x11
Cable curls 2x26.25x11,10
Cable tri ext (tried a new machine, didnt particularly like it, didnt track
Rope ext. 2x28.75x10
Cable kickbacks 2x3.75x15
Forearm work

Looking to build some serious arms and forearms in the next few months-feel like phat arm volume isn't enough for me-opinions?
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The Dark
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When I run PHAT- as I'm about to do again, I add 4-5 forearm specific movements once a week.

Usually 2-3 sets each 10-12 reps:
Wrist curls
Reverse wrist curls
Wrist flexion using a band

Then barbell rolls to failure overhand both directions and underhand both directions.

Finish with plate pinches for 100 meters. -3X
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@eknight cheers, will definitely start adding forearm work 1-2 times a week, thanks for the exercise ideas!

Ed coan deadlift week 3

Deadlift 185 , 1x2
Speed deads 155, 6x3
SLDL/Romanian 110, 3x8
Good morning 60/40/40, 3x8
Calves for 15mins-3xseated,3xstanding
Not sure about good mornings, went heavy first set, was too much of an increase from last week and wasnt feeling it in my hams enough. Speed deads felt great, moved really quick. Happy with this.
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