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Time to return to PHAT or naw?13987

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I hate to be the 10 thousandth person to post a "critique my push/pull/legs" split but I recently made the change from PHAT to ppl after reading a few people say they enjoyed it more than phat in terms of hypertrophy gains. Well I've been on my current program for about 1.5 months and some days I love it, other days I despise it. I feel really worn out all the time and my strength gains have stalled out in everything except my deadlift. I think I remember reading @SRorhrbac0808 say something similar (correct me if I am wrong). Anyways I will go ahead and layout my current plan and see what you guys think, where it can be improved or if maybe its time to return to my staple PHAT routine

Day 1- Push Power
barbell incline 3x3-5
dumbbell bench 3x6-8
hammer strength shoulder press 3x6-8
machine fly's 3x6-8
dumbbell side raises 2x6-8
skullcrushers 3x6-8
rope pressdown 2x6-8

Day 2- Pull Hypertrophy
bodyweight pullups 4x10-12
dumbbell rows 4x10-12
cable rows 3x10-12
barbell shrugs 3x10-12
dumbbell curls 3x10-12
reverse curls 3x10-12

Day 3- Legs Power
squat 3x3-5
leg press 3x6-8
lying leg curls 3x6-8
leg extensions 2x6-8
seated leg curls 2x6-8

Day 4- Off

Day 5- Push Hypertrophy
barbell incline 4x8-10
hammer strength bench 4x10-12
dumbbell shoulder press 3x10-12
machine fly's 3x10-12
cable side raises 3x10-12
cable overhead tricep extension 3x10-12
tricep kickbacks 3x10-12

Day 6- Pull Power
deadlift 3x3-5
weighted pullups 3x3-5
seated cable row 3x6-8
hammer strength high row 2x6-8
barbell curls 3x6-8
hammer curls 2x6-8

Day 7- Legs Hypertrophy
squat 3x8-10
narrow stance hack squat 3x10-12
single leg curls 3x10-12
leg extensions 3x10-12
seated leg curls 3x10-12

As you can see no calf work at the moment due to an ankle injury and I also had to throw out my favorite leg movement weighted lunges because of that. But what do you guys think I should change? Thanks in advance
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Hamer93 private msg quote post Address this user
I've started doing PPL UL.

5x5 for big 3 on ppl and all hyper work for UL
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cardinal private msg quote post Address this user
@Hamer93 I ran a similar approach for a few months a while back. Highly recommend it as an approach. Enjoy the gains!
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Hamer93 private msg quote post Address this user
Yeh I'm enjoying it a lot. A lot better than just ppl IMO
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Outwork_08 private msg quote post Address this user
@Hamer93 if you mean push/pull/legs, Upper/Lower? That is basically how I ran my PHAT the last few months I was on it except I did it with upper power, lower power, push hyper, pull hyper+deadlift, legs hyper
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Hamer93 private msg quote post Address this user
Check out my log bro
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Cannonball private msg quote post Address this user
IDK what is rated as good gains but a fellow gym member have been running PPL UL lately. In three months he have gained the following:

Never done deadlifts before, could barely hold a good back on 70 kg, did 120x5 and 125x3 easy today

Squat up from 90 to 115x3 atg

bench up from 95 to 107.5

seal row up from 30 to 50kg x 20

lat pulldowns up from 100x5 to 130x5

VISIBLE increase in FFM. from fatty tits to none of it, arm size increased by almost an inch.

pull, push, legs, power movement for a heavy single then one amrap set, then all hypertrophy

UL all power movements who are more suited for u/l days, for example kettlebell swing, farmers walk, etc
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