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I had a quick question about PHAT especially on the hypertrophy days and for example chest/arms hyper were you are pretty much performing db bench followed by incline,hammer strength then cable flys. Is it the most optimal to do all the chest exercises after each other? Or would it be ok to mix in some of the other work in between so you get more rest and in return can do more weight/reps?

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The most optimal way is to do the program as laid out.
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even if it means not really progress overloading? im just saying is less rest and doing the same or even lower reps than the previous week better then maybe doing another exercise in the program that dosent involve chest then going back better?
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You should already be progressivly overloading on your power days each week. If you have to stick with the same weights you did the week before on your hyper days then dont worry to much. hit your reps and stick to the programs structure, all will fall into place. they are hyper days, focus on the movement, TUT and the contraction of the muscle

how long have you been running the program?
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around 3 weeks. im not saying im not Progress overloading its just for example if you do db bench then 3 sets of incline at 10-12 reps then go to hammer strength you sort of feel burned out. Then by the time you do flies or the next chest exercise it feels like if you just changed the order and did another exercise for example an arm exercise because its chest/arms then went back it would be more effective because you can progress overload? Pretty much what im asking is, is the low rest time effective in building mass or would you be better off taking a little longer rest and just switching the order. Currently i am taking about 60-80 seconds in between each set.

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The Dark
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If you're feeling "burned out" that quickly, either your nutrition is not what it should be, or you aren't ready for a program like PHAT. Or both. How long have you been training and how many calories and grams of protein/carbs are you consuming? -3X
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