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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
What do you think about this? They raised over $2 million.

Soylent was designed as a way to get all the nutrients needed by the body without the time, money, and effort that usually goes into preparing food.
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Elminister private msg quote post Address this user
I find it weird that entire team is composed out of IT guys. I'd expect some chemists or biologists. Who came up with their formula?

Also, for everyone interested, here's the macro/micro breakdown:

clickable text
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Frostshock private msg quote post Address this user
I wouldn't use this for all of my meals but I'm definitely interested in using it as a type of supplement or mass gainer during a bulk. The macro split is awesome and an all liquid 670 cals would make my lunch time meal planning MUCH easier.

Much cheaper than an actual mass gainer too.

Too bad it's made of people
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ajones46 private msg quote post Address this user
I dunno man. My thoughts are that humans got to where we are by eating food. FOOOOOOOOD. And not the processed, bleached enriched, vitamin enhanced, preservative added "food" we get now. And now soylent (which has no soy, lol. That confused my head) just mixing the raw chemicals to achieve the "same" nutritional benefit as the real thing just doesn't make sense to me. Eating straight chemicals isn't what we were designed to do, so to say. Humans have been eating real food for thousands and thousands years. I would have to see some real solid evidence before I would use this as a food replacement.
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ajones46 private msg quote post Address this user
Following this up gets you to the slippery slope of supplements as well - argument being that supplements are basically the same thing as soylent - chemicals.

I've eliminated most all supplements from my diet, except for fish oil and vitamin D. The rest of my nutrients I try to get exclusively from whole foods.
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WinnersNeverQuit private msg quote post Address this user
I'd rather not have any of it. I enjoy my food. Not just for the flavour, but the consistency, appearance and texture of varying foods. This would just make it near completely bland.

I think it's a great idea for use in developing countries and other countries where famine is an issue, but only WHILE the infrastructure is being built and implemented to provide access to REAL foods.

Likewise I can see it being of use to the armed forces on operations etc. but I can't see it catching on with the general public.

Laziness is half of what got the USA into the obesity crisis it is in, yet they plan to get people OUT of the crisis, by encouraging laziness w/regards to food.

Just give people a good education on nutrition, subsidise healthy foods and pay for the subsidies by increasing the taxes on unhealthy and fast food!

Just my opinion.
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Rand private msg quote post Address this user
Soylent green is people! its people!!!!!
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