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Hello guys and welcome to my first ever thread.

i've been lurking around the web following peoples training logs and enjoy it alot.

So i thought it was time to start my own.
to follow my progress and help with motivation, and hopefully learn even more! i will also post progress pictures and since i love to cook i'll also add pictures of my food every now and then.

my stats:
93 kg
185 cm

As for my diet i sort of follow the leangains protocol. higher carbs on training days (lifting) and higher fat (low carb) on rest days. Currently eat around maintenance wich for me is 3500 on training days and 2600/2800 on rest days.

I plan on following the PHAT training routine starting in march, when our season is over. At the moment i do the power days 3-4 times a week alternating alongside 2-3 team sesssions on the field. and a match on saturdays.

I'll just kick off logging my first training right away :

LB powerday

warm up 5 minutes

Powercleans 2x6x60 kg

ATG Squat 3x5x100 kg

Hack Squat 8x90 kg , 10x90kg

leg extension 3x10x79kg

SL Deadlift 3x8x90kg

Seated leg curl 2x10x73kg

standing calf 4x10x113
(this is done in a machine not sure of the name)

seated calf raise 3x10x60kg (plate loaded)

i hope you guys enjoy reading and we can help each other in the future.

english is not my native language so please excuse any mistakes etc
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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user
Your English is better than mine and its my first language haha good lifts dude, your about 20-30kg stronger than on lifts so I have someone else to try and catch up to haha
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome aboard. That's a LOT of quad work vs. ham work. -3X
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seven private msg quote post Address this user
hi! thanks for your comment.

you think its imbalanced? it is basically what layne norton lays out.. i just added the powercleans

maybe do 3 set of seated curls next time and only 2 leg extensions, and maybe 4 sets stiff legged deadlifts or add some glute ham raises
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The Dark
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It's very unbalanced. You have 10 quad dominant sets and only 5 ham sets.

IMO, and I can go into more detail if you want, extensions are practically worthless movement and you could (should) replace them with 3 sets of curls. Just my opinion.

Edit- here's some info I posted previously. You may find it useful.
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thanks, i will look into it.

we only have the seated leg curl at my gym and its sucks, like the machine just isnt made right or something.. we do them either way tho

i'll do 4 sets of SL deadlifts and 3 sets of the curls (7)
3 sets SQ , 2 sets HSQ and 2 sets ext wich would make it also (7)

the powercleans are a bonus ;-) i do them because they transfer well to my sport and help
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gday guys!

got into the gym yesterdag before the team session outside to do a upper body power workout.

like i said i wanna do PHAT when the season is over, atm i.m doing an upper body lower body split, like the power days of Phat but just trying different execises every now and then so i can really hit it hard when the time comes ( 3,5 week from now )

so still slowly but steady increasing all the weights, still het the top end of the rep ranges but they are getting havier


Pendlay row (first time since a long time)
3 x 5reps x 80kg

Chin ups
2 x 8reps x BW+5kg

Seated Row
2 x 10reps x 79kg

Bench press
4 x 5reps x 100kg

incline DB press
2 x 10 x 32kg

military press
1 x 10 x 40
1 x 8 x 40
1 x 7 x 40

(underestimated this one, will keep it at 40 kg for now.. it has been a weak lift for me before and it had been a while.. the short rest periods didnt help either)

hammer curl
3 x 10 x 18kg

2 x 10 x 60kg
i always struggle to really 'feel' my tricep working, i feel it way more with for example a tricep extension exercise.. but i trust this one of the better options so i'll stick with it for now!

we enjoyed the training, we where maybe rushing it a litlle because we had to take the field.

but i gues it just upped the intensity a bit wich was good!
looking forward to increasing the weights next time!

thanks for reading

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Soooo... i had a rest day last wednesday, the coach took a few of us for a leadership course, wich took like 5 hours!

It was fun tho the guy teaching seemed to know his shit so that was ok.

Yesterday i planned a cardio session, atm i cant join the teams contact training due to a fracture in my leg...
It's healing ok and i can lift and run around but tackeling is a no go atm.

I jumped on the row machine and did 45 minutes LISS

after i did ABS

4 sets 15-20 reps leg raises
3 sets 10-15 weighted dicline sit ups
plank hold 3 times 60 sex

Because i had time left and to piss off my training partner i went to do arms

he cant train atm due to a small injury, so i could trow in an extra arms session where he could only watch.. brings out the competivness hahaha ( < is that a word? )


4 x 12 x 16 kg alternating arm curls (palms up, copied from "the1"
3 x 15 x 20 kg (i think) lying ez tricep ext.

3 x 12 x 20 kg (i think) ex bar curls real slow
3 x 12 x 18 kg cable push down ( also real slow focussing on contraction)

finished with very high rep incline dumbell curls
till time ran out..

I say "i think" because our club gym looks like a real hardcore raw gym, mostly free weight only from old dirt iron etc. problem is sometimes you cant read the plates weight... i'll post up a pic next time.. is doesnt really matter its great for a nice hard little workout!

thanks for reading

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last night'd dinner, low carb day

ground beef steak with mushroom tapanade and brie (the cheese)

i'm not sure off the english words sorry..

25 p , 22 f , 10 c

i had extra meat wich made the meal

48p 27f 10c around 475 cal i think
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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user
That shit looks awesome!
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WinnersNeverQuit private msg quote post Address this user
I'll be lurking, keep up the hard work dude!
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seven private msg quote post Address this user
GDAY everyone!

i tried updating over the weekend but it wouldnt really work over the phone so... better late then never i guess:

last friday; lower body:

speed Squats or DE Squats, 6x3 80 kg

Squat cleans 3x6 50 kg

Deadlift 4x5 110 kg (these where easy, but it had been a while so just wanna build here)

Front Squat 2x8 80 kg (felt heavy, and struggeling with th erack position)

leg extensions 2x10 79 kg

leg curl 3x10 73 kg (this machin eis shit at our gym, with low weights its fine but when you need strengt it just doesnt feel right.. so i'll keep these higher in reps)

seated calf raises 4x10 60 kg supersetted with glute ham raises 3x10 BW

finished with 3x12 100 kg standing calf raises

was happy with the workout! i really liked the glute ham raises and can still feel my hamstring at the moment form it haha


because i cant play yet i went to the gym instead in the morning, between taking my kid to my mum and the meeting time for us to travel i could nicely squize in an hour workout.

upper body:

pendlay rows 3x5 80kg, (felt good should up the weight next time)

chin ups 3 sets, 9,7,8 reps (when i het 3x10 i'll add weight)

seated row 2x10 79kg (more weight next time)

Bench press 4x5 100kg (got all reps so i'll add 2,5kg next time, did feel heavy even tho i beched more in the past.. dont know why)

incl DB press 3x10 32 kg

military press
1x10x 30 kg
1x10x 35 kg
1x10x 40 kg
(the 40 kg felt heavy last time, this time it was fine so i'll do all three sets with 40 next time and go from there)

hammer curls 3x10x20 missed a few reps on the last set

CGBP 3x10 60kg, these can go heavier!


other than that the weekend was a bit off... we stayed over at friends for his birthday, i ended up drinking to much, wich got me off my diet the next day...

but all is in the past now, i slept a solid 11 hour last night and when for a run to sweat it all out!

today we'll do lower body power and i cant wait!

thanks again for reading, any tips comments or questions are welcome!
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seven private msg quote post Address this user

Also for the guys who like it some food pics...

last nite cheat meal, and fridays carb meal
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Perfidy private msg quote post Address this user
In, mostly for the food porn.
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seven private msg quote post Address this user
haha thanks! in that case i'll do my best to keep em coming!
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17/2 lower body

squats 3x5 110kg; easy

hack squat 2x10 90kg

leg ext 2x10 79kg; ready to go up in weight, felt got and could hold a nice squize on top

3x10 90kg; will try to hit 12 reps on every set next time before i up weight

seated ham curl 2x10 73 kg

superset: calf raise - glute ham raise
3x10 115kg - 3x10 BW

seated calf raise 3x12 60kg

energy levels where a bit low because of the messy weekend i guess.. nonetheless i was pretty happy, we kept a nice pace tru the workout and where done in like 50 minutes

tonight i'll do some core/ab work and cardio on the field.

my weight has been stable around 93,4 kg
i normally weigh myself after a low carb day, i'll weigh myself tomorrow if its still the same i'll add kcal

thanks for reading!
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back to log yesterdays training! and for some "foodporn" hahaha gotta love that word!

Upper boddy power

3x5 80kg focussed on form, felt good!

chin up
1x7 BW+5kg
1x6 BW+5kg
I find these very hard, i do them real strict tho, no half ass reps, fully extend at the bottom and all the way up.
I dont know if i should drop the extra 5 and try for 10 reps first or stick with this

Rack chins
2x12 BW+15kg struggled on the last few reps, starting to love these tho!

Bench press
2x5 100kg
2x3 110kg
not sure how to progress, i think try 4x5x105kg next time?
or try havier for 2 reps? 1rm maybe...


1x10 BW+5
1x12 BW+5

Shoulder press
1x10 26kg
1x10 28kg
1x10 30kg nearly failed on the last rep

Ez bar curls
3x10 25kg + bar weight ( dont know i think 7isch kg)

lying DB tricep ext.

thanks for reading!

last nights carb meal, rice with chicken curry

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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user
You eat like a king
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seven private msg quote post Address this user
@AarronStenner hahah thanks! since we or so busy with food and diet all the time anyway i enjoy trying to cook a fancy lookin dinner every now and then. I use whole food only when i cook. Somtimes it looks better then it actually is hahah but the eye wants something aswell right?

Yesterdays dinner, carb meal:

the above picture is the same meal but a few weeks ago, the bottom one last night

yesterdays totals:
F:59 C:356 P:325 3290 Kcal

wich is just over maintanance for me. I follow the leangains IF thingie.

after the workout i ate:
- 400ml low fat milk
- 3 pieces pineappel
- whey 2 scoops
- cous cous 150 gram
- chicken 300 gram
- tomato 200g
- courgette half
- carrot 200 gram
- 500 g quark
- honey 15g
- amino's
- dextrose 60g (straight after workout)

total of around 2180 Kcal between 7 and 9 pm . and i love it

For a workout yesterday i did something else, we had a little challange going in the team chat to row 2k under 7 minutes.

i had a crack at it and rowed 2k in 6.51.5
wich is the best time so far so i'll call it my PR

between us, i had to puke after hahah

anyway guys thanks for reading!
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