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Swiss ball DB presses13241

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I used to do db presses on the ball when I first started working out. It was one of the exercises that a trainer showed me. Great for your core as well IMO. I also used to do db chest flies on the ball, another exercise he showed me, but wasn't a huge fan of those.
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Cannonball private msg quote post Address this user
I'd say its controversial enough to not be able to stand on either side. Even EK himself told me to stop doing feet up benching because the instability wouldnt be beneficial in increasing bottom power
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jonrivs49 private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by eknight
^^ how so?

For clarification, this is what I'm talking about:

EK, Are you praying before you lift?.. just Joking.. Never tried it, afraid that ball might POP! Im not a baddass after all. afraid of a small swiss ball.haha..
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cassious private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by eknight
LMAO. That won't happen for 2 reasons- first, I've gone up to the 110s and it didn't pop, and I doubt you'll start that high. If you've never tried them, you'll find that for most people, their shoulder stabilizers aren't strong enough to control the weight on the eccentric portion, with what you'd use for regular DB presses, so you'd need to start significantly lighter. Second, when I've used the 120's, I have deflated a ball, but they don't "pop." Swiss balls are designed to slowly deflate if they're compromised, not pop like a balloon. I had time to sit up and dump the weight before anything dangerous happened. -3X

I have seen one pop while a guy was sitting on it. It was at my old gym and the ball must have been old as because everything in that gym is shit. It was the funniest shit to watch.
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by eknight
Absolutely if you're standing. As I noted earlier, though, think of trying to shoot a cannon. What's going to allow more distance and force- stable ground or shooting it out of a canoe? For me, using a Swiss ball allowed me to hit my shoulder stabilizers and leg and hip drive much more, and the carryover was amazing.

I'm still puzzled by the cannonball/canoe analogy. Stable ground will allow more distance and force so why would you use a canoe??

And you're saying there is a benefit to bench press on an unstable surface but not a benefit to legs?

I don't see any benefit to lifting weights on an unstable surface no matter what exercise. The weight is limited, more change of injury, etc.

My sense is that you could get the same if not more benefits of those in the study you describe above by resting your shoulders on a flat stable surface (like the end of a bench) and pressing DBs as you would on a physio ball. Same form and mechanics at work but greater stability.
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Thedude67 private msg quote post Address this user
I used to do these every chest workout before I had a bench. I finally deflated my ball cuz it took up so much damn room in my little weight room. These are badass though, you can just do a few sets of crunches after each set and you're good to go!
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
@mikew think of it like this- if you build better stability to do a movement off of an unstable platform, when you go back to a stable one, the carry over is fantastic. The first time you do presses on a ball, you'll realize how unstable your shoulders- not just your core- are. -3X
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AKK private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by LongBeachPatriot
Supposedly swiss ball presses in general is not beneficial to hypertrophy. Lots of info on the internet about it.

its when people use it for stupid reasons... such as

Like standing on top of it and squatting.

Doing barbell curls while giving their abs and intense workout.
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