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My girl wants a rockin body...13188

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Title says it all. My girlfriend wants a great body, like a body that makes all the other girls jeaulous. Fit legs, nice butt, flat tummy the whole package. Im not complaining haha. I told her i would be more than happy to help her out; as she is now she is a pretty fit girl. She is a dancer, singer and theatrical arts preformer and yoga teacher but she has never really adventured into the whole gym thing. I have her diet and everything set up but i just need some help and suggestions on the routine. Is it diffrent for girls than it is guys? It would be awesome if someone could share a routine for leg day, abs cardio all that jazz. so if anyone could help us out that would be great!!
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Workouts for woman are about the same as it is for guys. I'd say a PPL would work well. Then she could get the HIIT work in well too.

Curious... What diet did you make for her. If she dances, instructs yoga and all that she probably needs a big focus on diet.
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