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i agree with you. sometimes, i feel like the more science and more theories that are involved over complicate things. Who's to say that the days of arnold where he swore by incline bench, pullovers, and dips were wrong because of advances now.
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Again this is just my outlook on training and how j have approached it , through trial and error finding what my body responded to ,
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true, everyone is different.
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Opened this thread to wish you well @KPFitness - congrats on taking the first steps on your journey.

@eknight has the patience of a saint to continually disabuse myths about "benefits" from "targeting" the upper chest. well put explanation above.
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@Jimmydrama13 I'm with you on good ole fashioned training. But what I think that was is guys going out there with the info they had at the time and working out with insane intensity. You're going to get results from the combo of moving heavy weight with intensity regardless. This convo is more about optimizing.

@KPFitness Arnold and the guys of old didn't have the scientific data we have today. Things like EMG testing and intensely researched nutritional information gives an edge to the modern lifter. Arnold was a genetic freak who took large amounts of steroids and worked out with ridiculous intensity. This combo is going to make anyone grow and progress. He only had the information of his time. There's nothing complicated about what EK or anyone else is trying to say. No one is saying that incline bench DOESN'T stimulate the chest. He's just telling you that it's not as efficient as other movements for chest. as has been observed in many EMG studies. That can't be complicated to understand. Decline and flat are superior to the whole chest stimulation(including what you're referring to as the upper chest) then incline. Does this mean incline won't produce any results? No. Does it mean you could use another movement instead that is more efficient? Yes. Simple.

I'm an older guy and I've gone through the broscience to science transition and at first it was difficult for me to except and I'm in the healthcare field. And this is all due to the fact that I was holding on to what I had been taught when I was beginning. I feel that this is probably where you are as well. However, as a person who wants to be on the front lines of the fitness industry and make a career out of it, you MUST do the research or you'll get lost in the shuffle. People in general have access to a plethora of knowledge now and as times moves forward you're going to have to address some profound questions regarding exercise and nutrition to your future clients. Broscience responses are going to work less and less as the years go by.

So, yes if you follow the broscience mentality for long enough, you will see results. You'll see them because your muscles are being stimulated regardless of what movement you're doing HOWEVER with science you can put yourself and your prospective future clients on track for a more OPTIMAL workout/nutritional plan. Be at the forefront of innovation or you'll just be another trainer that people who are in the know mach while you have your clients doing OHP on a Busa ball and eating at a 1000 calorie deficit.

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The Dark
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Originally Posted by KPFitness
Who's to say that the days of arnold where he swore by incline bench, pullovers, and dips were wrong because of advances now.

This reminds me of the story of the two blondes sitting on their front porch:

Blonde 1: hey, what do you think is further away- the state of Florida, or the moon?
Blonde 2: duh! It's obviously Florida! I can see the moon from here!

Some people are Florida people, and some are moon. If you don't accept common sense and what knowledgeable others know to be factual, there's nothing I can do for you. For everything Arnold did for bodybuilding, his inaccurate views on training and anatomy set bodybuilding back decades.

Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's correct. I'm sure Magellan encountered resistance too, but we now know the earth isn't flat. -3X
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