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Seriously, I have done a few different programs over the last several months. I initially started a more hypertrophy/cardio workout and lost like 80 pounds before I knew it, but I enjoyed it. I then went to Kris Gethins hardcore program. I liked it, upped my eatting schedule and I ended up losing more weight because of the high reps and supersets. I went from 160 to 149 on his program. Before that I went from 240 to 160. I then started a pretty basic bulking program of compound movements of

upper body mon (BB bench, BB rows, BB shrugs, BB biceps, close grip chest press),

tues legs (squats, legs presses, seated and standing calf raises, hyperextensions and abs)

thurs upper body (Incline bench, pullups, DB shrugs, DB biceps, and skullcrushers)

fri legs (deadlifts, leg curls, seated and standing calf raises, different back workouts and leg raises)

I upped my eating regime again and found myself gaining 15-20 pounds. I found myself upping my bench a little, squats, deadlifts were all mediocre. I am around 170ish atm. I bench about 200 1RM, squat 225 1RM, deadlift 300ish 1RM. Leg press has gone up to around 500 tho, from like 200.

Oh and my eating regime is......
Breakfast - 4-5 eggs, bagel with peanut butter and banana

I then workout about 45 minutes after, adding a 30 minute pre workout beforehand.

I have a protein shake after my workout, adding a banana or two, peanut butter / oats.

I have a meal 3 hours later 4 oz chicken, 1 1/2 cup oats or brown rice, 2 tbsp of peanut butter, fiber bar LOL

I then have 2 more meals within 2 1/2 hours of each other which were basically the same exact same thing as my chicken, but with fish or turkey.


Now, I wanted to get all of the mumbo jumbo out of the way. I've done different regimes and found myself having minimal gains and basically plateau'ing since I started. I went from like 100 bench to 180 within the first 5 weeks of working out and now only 20 pounds within the last 6 months. I have done hypertrophy workouts with sticking to strictly chest/back days and doing several workouts focusing on specific areas once a week. Now, I am currently doing 1 workout per muscle group, 2 times a week. I am looking for a way to gain strength and muscle gains. Seriously, I've wanted my chest to pop since forever and it's chiseled, but flat. Looking for some sort of ideas to better my chest, or total workout regime.
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Sorry that my post is so huge, didn't want 80 posts of who? what? when? where? and why?
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Looking at your programme, there's a distinct lack of volume for chest. All you are doing is flat bench and incline with a day of rest in between.

If you want your chest to grow, have a dedicated chest day where you really take it to failure.

Edit - just reread your post. Post up what you're doing for chest currently.
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I want a huge chest now. So I've added another day to my workout week so now i work chest twice a week.

Im fine with that.
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Derp my arms don't grow derp my chest isn't big enough curlbros.
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cut open chest muscles (that you dont have lol) insert a balloon in each, blow up ballons to desired amount. success, you cross brother?
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Thankfully, trolls come in all different shapes and sizes.
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I agree with Thor, you should dedicate a day entirely to chest. 3-4 sets of bench, incline bench, DIPS, pullovers, flyes one day a week would help. Really focus on your diet and getting at least a full 8 hours sleep, especially the 3 nights after your chest workout. ALWAYS switch you reps up by doing drop sets, rest pause, negatives etc. I get an incredible chest workout doing NEGATIVE weighted dips by strapping a plate to my waist and doing 10-12 negatives for 8-10 secs each.

Building a stronger and bigger upper back will definitely help your chest pop as well. A lot of people focus mostly on the chest and underdevelop their back, when the truth is the back should be worked out with more volume and harder than the chest. Heavy deadlifts, pull/chin ups (weighted negatives using the same routine as the weighted dips work incredible as well) and standing barbell rows/t-bar rows 4 sets of each with a drop set at the end will crush your upper back, helping you stand up taller and look and feel fuller back there and will really help your chest pop out! Good luck brotha!
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Yeah what they said. I see like 2 chest exercises in your gotta HAMMER THAT CHEST!!!
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- Dedicate a full day to chest

- Pyramid sets or 5x5 sets or 5x3 sets for flat bench

- Once you plateau then add a second chest day.

- Fantastic point by Mazz to work your back for better posture and chest pop
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I had a chest / back day when I was using Kris Gethin's Regime but I had like zero gains. It was more ripped, but in the end it wasn't bigger. I even did his DTP process on chest, sometimes.

Normal chest day involved BB bench, incline bench, blyes, pullovers and dips. I'd switch up dbs and bb for each on a weekly basis.

That workout gave me minimal gains for the chest so I went to a 2 day a week, 1 workout for the chest / back.
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Can't grow without lifting heavy weight or a small caloric surplus. Sounds like you are doing okay with your diet. So...

What are your rep ranges like?

Do you have have someone spot your heaviest sets?
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No, unfortunately I don't have a spotter. I literally end up rolling the bar off of my chest on a weekly basis. Our gym is not very popular as I think we have like 5 ppl who come here, and most of them are 60+ years old. Not kidding.

For rep ranges, they change usually. This program that I am doing is 12 weeks. 1 week is lower weight with 12-16 reps, 2nd is higher weight with 10 reps and more sets. It basically goes up until the 6th week of doing 6 sets of 3 reps. It's a different program that I figured I'd try as I am still trying to figure out my own body and what workouts best suit me. I've noticed my best gains right now are from squats, leg presses, BB rows, preacher curls and cable flyes. Those machines always seem to give me the best burn, the rest just give me a mediocre burn and I've spent a lot of time on form for everything.
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make sure you work back in with cchest though, bringing your chest up tooo much can start to pull your shoulders forward and make you look like your hunching over, biggest mistake i made there. easily fixable jjust takes time
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Puddlecakes.... ROWS are the key to making that chest pop. Standing bent over barbell rows and t-bar rows, especially. I'm telling you up that upper back and with the better posture the chest will get that pop you are looking for.
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I would recommend a whole day just working your chest. Hit it at different angle! DB incline Press, Decline DB flys, Flat Bench Press, and I would recommend Dips (make sure your elbows are out wide so you can target your chest more and the tri's less).

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I'm surprised no one has commented on this, but you're really not eating enough. Aside from all the advice everyone's given you, you really need to start eating so much that you're never ever hungry all day long till you go to bed. eat a lot more man.

Btw a strong upper back DOES INDEED mean a puffy chest. You can't just only work your chest and hope it "pops." If you want an aesthetic physique, dedicate one day a week for each of these muscles: shoulders, back, and chest. If you really wanna push it though, just start to workout 5-6 times a week and throw in arms, legs, and abs. It takes time and dedication brah, you get back what you put in.
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How am I not eating enough? I am stuffing my face to the point I feel full at all times. I eat 6 to 7 times a day. Each meal has 4-6 ounces of protein, a cup or two of rice/oats and random fat oils, sometimes veggies etc. My calorie intake should be around 3k to 4k....

Also, I work each area of my body every week. And before this last routine I was dedicating a body part per day, mainly encorporating pushes and pulls.

As simple to ectomorph as I can put it. I work 12 hour days and put in 1 1/2 hours at the gym at least 4 days a week, minimal. Right now, my bulking (so called) regime has been less routine and more extremely heavy weights, trying to up them by 5 pounds a week or so. I may try stronglifts 5x5 here soon and go from there. I don't have the muscularity yet to dedicate a day, to each body part. At least, I had less gains from doing it that way. My current plan has helped me up my 10 rep bench by approximately 10 pounds in 5 weeks. I want it to be more, but beggers can't be choosers. I have also upped my BB row by an extreme amount of 150. I've pushed my squats up around 20-25 pounds, not a lot but, it's progress. My leg press went from 300 to 510. This is on the bulking routine of basically doing 1 of 15 week 1, to week 5 of 6 sets of 3. Then repeating.
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