I have been lifting weights for about 6-7 yrs now. I have aortic stenosis and my cardiologist has always recommended me to lift weights in the 10 or more rep range due to my mild aortic stenosis.

He also said no "isometric" exercises, so that's no problem. He doesn't really want me deadlifting as well because of the blood pressure spike. I assume squatting is out as well.

I had ignored his advice in the past and deadlifted and squatted anyways. I think it is time to start listening to his advice.

Can anyone recommend a split, workout program or routine with all exercises in the 10 or more rep range with the requirements I listed above?

I would really appreciate it.

I stumbled upon a site the other day called BuiltLean. It's pretty neat. The guy that runs it essentially recommends supersets and shorter workouts with 3 workouts per week. I cae up with a split following his rules and this is what I got:

Monday - Legs

3-5 mins stretching

Strength Circuit #1: Back Squat/DB Reverse Lunges - 3x10-15
Strength Circuit #2: Bench Step Up/Barbell SLDL/Cable Woodchops - 3x10-15

5-10 mins HIIT

Tuesday - Treadmill Run

Wednesday - Horizontal Push/Vertical Pull

3-5 mins stretching

Strength Circuit #1: Flat Barbell Bench Press/Chin-ups - 3x10-15
Strength Circuit #2: Incline DB Bench Press/Lat Pulldown - 3x10-15
Strength Circuit #3: Pallof Press/DB Swings - 3x10-15

5-10 mins HIIT

Thursday - Treadmill Run

Friday - Vertical Push/Horizontal Pull

3-5 mins stretching

Strength Circuit #1: Barbell Overhead Press/DB Row - 3x10-15
Strength Circuit #2: DB Side Laterals/Seated Cable Row/DB Clean and Press - 3x10-15

5-10 mins HIIT

Saturday- Off
Sunday- Treadmill Run


Does that split look ok? I'd be hitting each muscle group 2-3x per week.

I am lean bulking @ 145 lbs. following Lyle McDonald's formula of 18 cals per lb. of BW to start off.

My macros are:

Cals: 2576 (18 x BW)
P: 145 (1 x BW)
F: 72 (.5 x BW)
C: 337 (Remaining)

Does everything look ok or can someone recommend something for me? Sorry for the long post.