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So I searched some of the threads and have yet to find anything that goes in depth about scapular retraction during chest flyes.

Is it necessary?

Currently I have no problems with my shoulders other than an odd click in my left one which I'm doing band work for, but momma always told me prevention is the best cure. So what do you guys think? I've tried pinching during flyes but it seems to limit my ROM and feel uncomfortable.

Anatomical diagrams, opinions, first hand experience, trolling, and "Just lift heavy shit and stop thinking about it Frost!" comments are all welcome.
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pandasashi private msg quote post Address this user
i only pinch them when my arm are out to the side..i dont see a benefit to it during the entire rep..rom is key
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Frostshock private msg quote post Address this user
@pandasashi See thats what I figured too, I go for full ROM as well as only bending my arm slightly. When I started benching while pinching my ROM went down slightly though.
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OptimusPrime private msg quote post Address this user
Not 100% sure but I'll wing it...logically.

Retracting your scapula will place your shoulders in a mechanically safer position, chesticles at an advantage whilst lessening the load on your Ant. Delt, and for me atleast is a cue to tighten up my back. I bench and fly in the same fashion, which is only due to me approaching/setting up with the same cues.

Edit: ...what would happen to my shoulders if I was to conduct flys with gymnast rings? What happens to my shoulders when I do a push-up?

I say let natures posture take its course and fly like you bench.
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