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Hey everyone, I struggle to gain chest strength but not size. All my other of the big 3 lifts are decent. Im 15 and for a while really just want to focus on power lifting/strength building.

My recent chest routine:
5x5 barbell bench press
4x6-10 incline dumbbells
3xfailure dips
3x10 pullovers
6x flyes (2 top to bottom, 2 middle, 2 bottom to top)

This is a mixture of strength and hypertrophy, which isn't ideal for pure strength (I want to gain some size but mainly strength on flat bb bench)

So does anyone have any tips or changes I can make to this routine in order to improve my bench
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Cut the volume in half; drop inclines and flies; flat bench heavy doubles and triples and do twice as many rows as you do reps for bench. -3X
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wittyname private msg quote post Address this user
@eknight Would suggest training it twice a week, and any accessory exercises?
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
Do you train with a partner? This is absolutely critical. Very difficult to push yourself without a reliable and consistent spot.

Your supp work is not geared toward a big bench. Lats and tris are gonna cause your sticking points so make them stronger. Consider adding some of the following:

- Band work on flat bench
- Board presses
- Pendlay rows (back)
- DB extensions (tris)
- Rolling DB extensions (tris)
- Floor presses (tris)
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wittyname private msg quote post Address this user
@mikew sorry for the late reply mate, really helpful post! I do train with a partner a fair amount of the time, however I do really enjoy training alone. Could you put together a routine involving some of those exercise that you think would be helpful.
I think it might be my tris that lag because my back and deadlift are my strongest bodyparts and lifts. What routine should I follow trying to fix this and improving my low rep bench? Thanks heaps in advance mate
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