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Thoughts on my new program prease.12729

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Okay so im sick of phd-4. Ive been running it for four months now. Im going for a more simple approach with less volume, Im over isolation exercises at the moment.

Im going to try this 8/6/3 routine clickable text

Ill be lifting three days per week

Mon: Front squat / Deadlift (Both 8/6/3

Wed: Pull ups (cant do these 8/6/3) / Seated landmine presses (8/6/3)

Fri: BB Rows / Bench press (8/6/3). Ill probably add in some other rowing movements to give me the 2:1 ratio.

I want to do HIIT one the other 3 days, just wondering if it will be too much?
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From what you stated, I advise beginning with 5/3/1 because it is a little less volume than 8/6/3 and then if it feels right, progress into the 8/6/3. Regarding HIIT, your body will quickly let you know how much you can handle each week. At the beginning of a session, if your legs feel like lead, you'll know it's time to step back and use that day as a rest-recovery day.
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