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Incline degree to shallow?12496

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Just kind of curious but when I do any kind of incline chest movment weather it be DB or BB I have the bench at 15 degrees. Is that to shallow? Is it putting enough emphisis on the upper chest? The reason I put it so shallow is because at 30 degrees I feel it in my shoulders ALOT. I feel like 20 would be perfect but the benches dont have anything inbetween 15 and 30. Any input would be great! Thanks much.
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Ben777 private msg quote post Address this user
There is no such thing as "upper chest". I'll let someone else do the linking/explaining.
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Frostshock private msg quote post Address this user
Higher incline, the more you use your front delts. Lower, the more you use your triceps. You're not targeting any part of your chest other than... well your chest.

Still using your front delts/tris at any elevation, there's just a reason that you feel it in your shoulders more at a certain incline.
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cant choose what part of the chest we work in terms of "upper, lower"
we can target the seratus anterior seperatly due to it having different attachments and insertions.
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brian12 private msg quote post Address this user
Chose the sngle that feels most comfortable for you. For me i like flat bench, incline puts too much rmphasis on my shoulders. Like everyone mentioned ~ you cant target one part of ur chest. So choose the sngle you feel ssfest and strongest in and progress in that. Or of course, vary angles if you want, but it wont change the fact that you either contract or dont contract your chest
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Hamer93 private msg quote post Address this user
High incline can be bad for shoulder i generally go for a click or two above flat
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