As the title says I have been using a modified version of PHAT for about 6 months but am now switching to Push/Pull/Legs still using a power-hypertrophy set up with my rep schemes. I am really interested in bringing up my chest because it has always been a weak point for me; however, I am having trouble determining how much volume to implement.
While on PHAT I was doing 6 working sets (3x5 and 3x6-8) for chest on power days and about 12 working sets (6x10-12 and 6x12-15) for chest on hypertrophy days.
For my p/p/l I was thinking of doing about 10-12 sets for chest on each of my push days.
Power push days: 4x4-6, 4x6-8, 3x8-10
Hypertrophy push days: 8x10-12, 3x12-15

side note: I am currently on the tail end of my reverse diet so recovery is actually pretty good right now

what changes would you recommend?