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Chey private msg quote post Address this user
As of late(last month or so) my body has been driving my insane. I literally need to eat every two hours for my body to function, if I don’t eat my body will start freaking out like I haven’t eaten in over a week/goes into shut down mode.
I have 5-6 meals a day, tried snacking in between instead of meals but half an hour later I am hungry again which is why I eat an actual meal. Although I exercise I really don’t want to be eating so much.. anyone know any decent appetite suppressants and any information on why my body might be doing this.
I have included lifestyle info below
Meals include- Fibre Cereals, Fruit, Yoghurt, Salad, Tuna, Cheese and Vita-Weat, Protein Bars, Protein Drinks, Bread etc
Exercise Include-
Mondays 45 minute ab class at lunch, 30 minute cardio/strength class and 30 minute booty shake class at night
Tuesday 1 hour weights class/some cardio
Wednesday- 1 hour cardio/strengthening
Thursday- 1 hour Boxing at Lunch, 1 Hour Pole dancing at night
Saturday/Sunday – sometimes do an hour or two of pole dancing(but not very often)
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creatinehq private msg quote post Address this user
It sounds like you're pretty active and eating right, you just need that many calories to be able to give you energy throughout the day.

Maybe up the protein intake to help build some more muscle but I don't think there's anything wrong - if you're working out that much you'll need to eat!
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databas1c private msg quote post Address this user
No way to know you are over eating until you count your calories. I'd bet you considerably under eat given how much you do endurance training and how calorie sparse most of the foods you eat 5x a day (assumedly as complete meals) are.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
You're eating too little and training too much. It's not a hard fix. Increase one or lessen the other. -3X
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Chey private msg quote post Address this user
What should my calorie intake be based off above description? I was thinking about 1400?
I started taking Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Its a natural supplement that has lowered my food consumption without my body freaking out. I take it before breakfast and lunch and it helps me feel fuller for longer so have been able to cut back to 4 meal a day roughly- three main, one snack and havnt seen any bad results during training. Not hungry, no loss of energy etc.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Based on the above and without knowing your height, weight, or age, I'd guess at minimum 1900-2000. -3X
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IrishGymSheep private msg quote post Address this user
Having lots of meals regularly will have you hungry more often your body gets sue to the amino acid supplies and your appetite adapts to that, have less frequent bigger meals.

But yeah figure out calories properly.
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Chey private msg quote post Address this user
Ok so
Age 20
Height 157
weight 52

The reason why I started taking the Garcinia Cambogia Extract is because it has stopped my body from stressing out when I dont eat after 2.5 hours. It keeps my fuller for longer and i dont see the need to eat 6-7 times a day.The problem I had before is that if I dont eat within 2.5 hours, I start sweating, headaches, im extremely hungry etc. Im happy to keep the 6 meals a day but smaller just dont want my body going crazy like that.
I was just worried with my food intake and having an office job sitting all day.. weight gain as most office people do.
Thanks for all your help guys I appreciate it
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
The reason you're hungry and the reason your body is "freaking out" is because, based on your stats, your metabolic rate- just for maintenance- is 2316 kcals. You're not consuming enough. -3X
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@Chey Using this i can calculate my caloric goal.

Then using..

Track ur cals.

Chances are like alot of women i deal with that are concerned or just trying to drop bf they are eating tooo few cals in general.
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