Hello guys,

so we are fairly familiar with Dr. Norton's Power-Hypertrophy which follows a cycle of power day followed by hypertrophy. Question is, PH has been applied to upper/lower, can it also be applied to StartingStrengths/StrongLifts?


Day 1 [Power]
Squats 3x3
Bent-over Row 3x3
Bench Press 3x3

Day 3 [Hypertrophy]
Squats 3x10
B-O Row 3x10
BP 3x10

This is just an example, not the actual sets/reps that will be utilized, but y'all get the idea.

Is this plausible? If so, suggest a sets/rep per day (if possible, thanks!)

RE: Stick to already set routines
This is more of a thought experiment, was just curious as I'm reaching about 4 months with SL, and was curious if this PHSL would be plausible.

RE: Try it
Honestly, will probably try it unless there is a lot of criticism

Thanks guys!