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PHAT vs Legs/Push/Pull/Off/Repeat???12282

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I know this question has been asked a hundred times.

As you can tell, I'm new to this forum.
Main Goal= Muscle mass and aesthetic

I understand some strength training will help those goals. I just got off of stronglifts 5x5 and was wondering if to do a legs/push/pull split or phat for my goals.

I just want to know what kind of results you attained on both or either of the programs.

All advice is much appreciated!
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databas1c private msg quote post Address this user
How long did you run stronglifts for? What are your lifting stats height age and body weight? How long have you been lifting for?
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hahn private msg quote post Address this user
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 170 lbs
age: 19

Squat: 225 x 5
Bench: 185 x 5
Deadlift: 275 x 5
overhead press: 135 x 5

want to focus more on muscle gain now. calories are somewhere around 3000- 3100. with around 400 carbs, 170 protein, 85 fat.
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