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TeenMonster private msg quote post Address this user
Im going to design a new back workout and just wanted some thingas cleared out.
When designing a back workout, should you start with the lats, then go on to the middle back and then lower?
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nine0seven private msg quote post Address this user
If I were you I'd just find a professional written rouine that's been proven so you don't have to worry about all that. Just my .02 though.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
The fact that you are asking the above indicates that you probably aren't ready to create your own routine. Making a routine from scratch is more than just, "what part do you focus on first?" It involves the rest of your routine, frequency, volume, diet, training experience and a host of other factors. -3X
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Damon1962 private msg quote post Address this user
I would prioritize based on strength-energy needs. For example, I'd start with dead's and then move toward the next most strenuous weight pulling exercise and would end with pull-ups because, for me, they are the easiest and only require bodyweight.

Another way to look at it is lowest reps to highest reps.

I also agree that you would receive optimal benefits by using a recognized routine, but you do what you want and I hope I was of some help.
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Dbyrnes private msg quote post Address this user
My routine's always start with the Big lift first ( deads, squat, bench). I dedicate usually the first hour on these big lifts and move on to secondary exercises afterwards. I figure if your strong in the main lifts, you'll excel In everything else.
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AKK private msg quote post Address this user
I prefer to prioritize my workouts base off of this.

If A. is Chest/shoulder/tri's and B is all my back I rotate my days with

A. main exercise typically 3-5 reps with one to two RPT sets.
B. main exercise for back typically 8-12 reps

Then I move into A. accessories.. then I do shoulders and arms.. and if im feeling it I will do additional B. exercise.. such as a pulldown for lats if I did a row as primary B.

I personally like it like this.
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