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How Do You Guys Count/Keep track ofcalories12174

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myfitnesspal is a phone app that does pretty good but dont trust every number you see, read your own labels and enter the data
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i sort of plan my days ahead of time, and cook each morning before i head off to work for the day. I don't keep the exact count, but i know about how many cals - Carbs/Pro/Fat. I've been able to cut and bulk successfully with this. I find that being too picky with my exact portions drives me insane and i end up throwing caution to the wind with my cals for a few days. IMHO try keeping track one way, and if it fails try another way. Eventually you will learn what works best for you. Keep trying until you succeed! I'm embarrassed on how long it actually took me to figure out I didn't need to be crazy strick to reach my goals. Good luck.
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