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Things in the gym that just make you shake y12098

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Saw this kid that prob weighed 150lbs with a thick ass weight belt on a bicycle... Worst part he was wearing a string no sleeve tank top... Cringe*
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When you do back and already pack on that belt on you waist. Sometimes you just dont want to take it off.

@jaydiddy85.. Try telling Ronnie Coleman that does he even lift.
He wears belt everytime, gym house car..

Forward to 1:00 min
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MrMailliw private msg quote post Address this user
First thing I faced in the gym today when trying to do pullups - some fucker doing three sets of triple drop sets on cable flyes with 20s rest between each drop and 60s rest between each set.

Do your shitty, pointless drop sets by all means, just pisses me off when they get in the way of my workout.
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jonrivs49 private msg quote post Address this user
People I stumble at the gym. Bench press Curler, Bench Press Shrugger, Dumbell collector, Squat rack curler.
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Hewy007 private msg quote post Address this user
OKAY, this I have never seen ever.

I'm waiting for a bench press at carelton uni gym, and this kid is doing split squats, using the bench press equipment... what?

He unracks 115lbs from the bench, walks back from the bench, tries to clean & press the weight behind the neck to get the bar to rest on his shoulders to finally start the split squats.

-not to mention the entire clean and press effort was definietly a 1RM type of thing.. so much struggle.

Upon completing split squats he almost kills himself behind the neck pressing the weight juuuust over his head..

The next set he goes for 135lbs! I'm thinking this guy is fucking retarded and wasting everyone's time whosoever is waiting for a bench press.

He can't even clean the 135 up to his shoulders, not even half way. In complete and utter defeat he racks the bar back on the bench and then drops down to 115 wiith a spotter....

so much anger
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Originally Posted by eknight
@adam82a no doubt- but would YOU ever wear this at the gym?

If you would...please don't tell me. I don't want to know. -3X

I think I'd look fabulous wearing that in the gym.
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Hearing people talk about different ways to shape one's biceps. Followed by DB curls from every angle imaginable.
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