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Originally Posted by FiremanSi
I did PPL the last yr and it was great. I think u should try this program BEFORE moving on to PHAT as it's still a very advanced program.
I did legsA pushA pullA off LegsB PushB PullB.
LegsA main exercises squatting, legs B deadlifting.
All my 'A' days the first exercises was 3-5x5, all 'B'B days were primarily hyer work.
This was so i could focus on somewhat strength gains throughout and it worked for me.

Thanks bro !
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Absolutely anytime if u check out my logs u'll see the exact exercises i used on all days and that to give u an idea of what i'm talking about !!
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My opinion would be upper lower rest repeat, more frequency but little lower volume.
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If you haven't been seriously training before maybe you want to consider something like strong lifts or starting strength
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I always make the most progress when I follow a real routine (not my own) and track my progress.

I did stronglifts 5x5 for a 12 week bulk and made the biggest gains. Its a basic routine so it was easy to follow and it wasn't over demanding on my schedule. It starts you off slow with lower weight but it makes you add more weight every day so it gives you something to look forward to and you progress. They also have a SL5x5 app so you can track your workouts.
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I would stick to p/p/l hitting every muscle every fifth day, but with a small twist to get more focus on your arms and calves.
Like this ->

Day 1 - Back, triceps, calves (A)
Day 2
Day 3 - Lower body (B)
Day 4 - Chest, delts, biceps (C)
Day 5
Day 6 - Repeat

Mine looks like this ('number at the end of each exercise is the amount of set rest in minutes) ->

Pullups/BB row: 3 x 6-8'3
BB row/Lat pulldown: 3 x 8-12'1,5
DB row: 2 x 10-12'1,5
Rear delt flyes + BB shrugs: 3-4 x 10-12'1
Lying tricepsextension behind the head: 3 x 6-8'2
Pushdowns: 2 x 12-14'1
Standing calf press: 4-5 x 12-14'1

Cycle pullups and BB row, so on wo1 start with pullups and on wo2 with bb row.

Squat: 4 x 6-8'3
Leg extension: 3 x 10-12'1,5
RDL: 3 x 6-8'3
Leg curl: 2-3 x 10-12'1,5
Captain's chair: 4-5 x 6-12'1-1,5
Standing calf press: 4-5 x 6-10'1,5

Benchpress: 3 x 6-8'3
Militarypress: 3 x 6-8'3
Incline db press: 3 x 8-12'1,5
DB flyes or CC: 1-2 x 10-12'1
Cable lateral raise: 3-4 x 10-12'1,5
BB curl: 3 x 6-8'2 + 2 x 12-14'1 (or hammercurl 2 x 12-14'1)
Rotatorcuffs: 2-3 x 8-14 external rotation and 2-3 x 8-14 internal rotation.

Use either straight sets or reversed pyramid in the main lifts (pullups, bb row, squat, rdl, bench and militarypress) and in all the other exercises just keep it simple and stick within the set reps, if you go under the lowest rep in any set just lower the weight the next time and if you go over increase it.
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