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is this full body split any good11812

lyricalg1985 private msg quote post Address this user
hi wanting to start doing a full body routine as my time in the gym has been cut short due to a new job

( I cannot train legs currently due to a pulled hamstring)

this is to be repeated x2 a week

warm up first

flat bench 2x8
incline dumbbell 2x8
military press 2x8
seated lateral raises 2x12
pull ups 2x failure
one arm dumbbell row 2x8
dips 2x8 (weighted)
barbell curls 2x8
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SwoleAnimal private msg quote post Address this user
You are hitting your anterior deltoid a ton in this program. You also have a very small amount of exercies for your back. I would drop some of these pressing movements and add some more pulls.
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
U seem to think u only have to do 8reps i'd try mixing it up also.. 8-12 for chest 8-15reps for back... and maybe slight more volume.
If ur only a beginner i would worry much about arms and focus on the big chest and back exercises.

DB Bench x3
Inc Bench x3
Pullups x3
Bent over rows x3
Seated Cable Row x3
OHP x3
Face Pulls x3

Just off the top of my head. Based around ur own program.

Always make sure to use more volume for back then chest.

Back for the win.
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