I've have been lurking on this forum for quite a while and it seems like a legit place to get stuck into!

I'm 21 and from the uk with the goal off stepping on stage next year.

current stats:

Max lifts:
squat 140kg
deadlift 185kg
bench 135kg
Chins 16 reps (at current bodyweight)

I have ran a heck of alot of programs over the last 5 years weight training and this off season I'am going to follow a moderate frequency, high volume routine:

Chest+back (dbell bench,weighted chins emphasis)
shoulders+arms (dbell/barbell ohp emphasis)
Lower (squat/deadlift emphasis)

Each day starts with a heavy lift 4x4-8 followed by some auto-regulted hypertrophy work in the 8-15 rep range.

If anyone is interested feel free to jump in on my journey. my gym is full of bro science idiots who have no idea how to train or eat and there seems to be alot of people here who follow 3dmj,Layne,Ogus etc so we will be on the same page for most things.

oh, and before i forget i'am currently eating 3600-4000cals with flexible macro ranges to enjoy this off season as much as i can!