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Sup guys, going to be doing a video log every now and again to update my training and diet. Inspired by Aarron Stenner.

Running Phat, currently 187 lbs at 6 Foot 1 (Near enough)

Age: 20

UK Lifter.

Bulking to 200lbs hopefully, might need to cut down my calorie intake slightly.

Lifts- (kg)

Bench, 105
Squat, 130
Deadlift, 180
OHP, 75

Current PHAT lifts

DB chest press, 40x5
DB shoulder press, 30x10
Bent over rows, 95x5
squats, 115x5 (Trying to re-correct form with squats)
Weighted pull ups, 10kgx6

Cant think of the other lifts off the top of my head.

Stick around!

P-S, I'll record sideways next time Or at least try to haha

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Them video is private dude! Can't watch it
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