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LETS GAIN! training log with flx!11222

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I really hope u all dont think like " gaah another training log to ss-forums".

But im starting one now! A bulking log for the upcoming

Reasons for that is: i probobly gonna need some input sources and some place to put some my output when things are not going as good as now! Its also for my own motivation, i had a hard time keeping up a training-diary other than only results for myself, so this is gonna help me doing that! Its also for clearing my head of all the brosience that have entered my head during well a couple of years of onoff training.
I also feel that having a log i dont need to start new threads for every input i wanna have or output i need to clear my head off!

My training log is going to look diffrent, i dont got the time really to post every workouts all results, so after workouts im going to put the positives and negatives with a workout, so a new pr ( hope they will come every week) is a positive thing, and a bad thing would be that i didnt feel well, or i dont improve every week and gouing to update atleast twice a week if not more

Who i am: simply a 20 year old boy from finland, looking to improve his physicue and compete in the only bodybuilding competitions we got in finland in the spring 2015! so in 1 and a half year till then, look to add 10-15 kg lean before that( if its possible)
im in business school starting off my second year in september and im working half time as an salesman at a phoneoperator store in central helsinki.

my ideology of training is keeping it simple, gain wheight by eating at a calorie surplus by 300-400gaining 1-1,5 kg a month, and simply adding wheight to the bar every week!
And am a endo meso ( i gain muscle easily but at very high calories for my wheight)

And as im pretty busy, i do iifym, not worrying too much about meal timing. i wanna keep it simple, if i dont gain wheight /or/ add wheight to the bar in the gym, im going to add around 200 cal. Im currently doing PHAT and im loving it!! sick improvements in the gym the last 2 months ive done it so im going to continue for some time! And ive finally started gaining a little after slowly adding calories after my first cut! now 3500 cal 50/25/25ish, i dont care about EXACTLY hitting macros by the gram, i try to hit the calories in the long run

My stats: 180cm, 73kg, 10ish bf DL: 3x5 135kg, squat 3x6 120 kg, 1x1 bench 100kg

Some pics:

In february i wheighted 69 kg at 15 bf% , so the pics u see are results of a 2 month bulk 1 month cut after that , and i think its a nice start!


Thx for reading


Edit: one reason i started this log is that i love the people here on SS! XOXO
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Highdeas private msg quote post Address this user
pretty decent base to work with I'd say, but after a successful bulk you'll look beastmode

Track macros, lift heavy, eat heavier!

Let the gainz begin!!
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
Today is an off day, but i think i need to inform that i have 3 ways of improving a lift as PHAT has rep ranges: first off im upping reps in every set till i reach the exercise max---> if my form is lacking in any way ill trying to slow down my reps and do more controlled reps with better form and when ive reached that i will---> add wheight

So when i post workouts im going to put UPreps UPwheights or UPform after the exircise

just so u kno what i write, mainly this log is for myself and what i forgot to mention: to improve my English!-Feel free to correct spelling and grammar!!!

but if i want feedback its important that u kno what im doing , thats all for this time!
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coolguy1993 private msg quote post Address this user
@fLx_ you're the same age as me and a little bit taller. I'm also a full time student working part time (4th year EEE) so I feel your pain on time limits etc.
You have an awesome base and seem determined. Let's see you make some gains!
Good luck!
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
Thx for motivating me @coolguy1993 and @Highdeas even more! I cant sit still when i think of this winter! Its going to be a challange to keep my head straight with the big workload on school and work+ my passion ( this) , but still manageable tho, right now i dont feel worried..

u got any tips on how to handle stress ( im bad at it ) @coolguy1993 ?

my problems are i easily rage when im too stressed out, just throwing things around, and when im too stressed i start losing and forgetting things: keys, wallet, forgetting the workkeys home for example, missing the bus make me flip out.. theese symptoms are only under really stressy times tho!
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Flo1307 private msg quote post Address this user
@fLx_ In 4 sure buddy !


You have a nice base already.(to decrease stresslevels try meditation for 20 mins)
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coolguy1993 private msg quote post Address this user
@fLx_ tbh I stress a lot, I'm actually going grey. Try to avoid doing all nighters. You'll have to be lame and try to get lots of sleep so most days will be early to bed, early morning rise then study and work all day.
Try to make some time to see your friends whenever you can, they keep you sane.
I skip classes sometimes in order to study, and I use my lunch breaks to go to the gym (big stress reliever).

Just keep on top of everything and you'll be fine, and if you have the slightest problem cut back your job hours to study.

Now go bulk!haha
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dempsey private msg quote post Address this user
in! working out usually relieves stress so just keep hitting it hard. good luck with the bulk man!
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
@dempsey yeah as ive been an athlete in some way my whole life i know its NEEDED to keep stress levels down
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
In so we don't highjack @coolguy1993 's log completely.
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
@firemansi yeah he has to scroll all day to get to his last workout if we dont move away lol ;D

Edit: nice to see people are in with me ! thx all! tomorrow ill hit back and shoulders hard as fuck 08:00 in the morning, goodnite guys !
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
Bent over or Pendlay rows 6x3 70kg FormUP

Rack chins BW+5kg 12-12-14 WeightUP

Seated cable row 70kg 10-10-13 WeightUP

Dumbbell rows or shrugs bracing upper body against an incline bench 2x15 17,5kg FormUP

Close grip pulldowns 70kg 20-16 RepsUP

Seated dumbbell presses 25kgDumbells 12-12-10 RepsUP

Upright rows ( i use wide grip) 30kg Cable 15-18 WeightUP

Side lateral raises with dumbbells or cables 10 kg cable 15-15-15 WheightUP

+ half an hour of posture work and stretching traps and chest to keep shoulders back during bulk, ive done this the last month 3times a week and have really improved my posture!

I was really tired in the morning couse i started working yesterday after a minivacation ( 1 week ) and that use to fuck up my sleep rythm for a couple of nights, so only slept 6,5hrs, took an extra scoop of pre workout and I still managed to improve all my lifts today, witch ive done in the last 3 weeks almost every workout since my deload- those deloads really help out!
So i give a 7 to my motivation and a 10 to my performance!

Positive: performance+ did even improve on dumbell shoulder press in wich i lag+i managed to get up from my bed in time

Negatives: my earplugs broke, the sound comes only from one earplug, my 4th ones in 2 months, hate this stuff

To explain the WeightUp, RepsUp and FormUp is not what ive done in todays workout, its what im going to do in the next workout

Some questions to people reading:

do u up your reps in the exercises in the first sets like from 10-10-10 to 12-10-10 or in the last sets like from 10-10-10 to 10-10-12?

what do you do when u arent improving in the gym, like the first thing: do u overlook ur diet ( adding cals), overlooking ur workout- additional work, changing rep ranges n stuff, or do u deload/ take a break?

and guys who like EDM ( house trance etc) while working out - the best 1 hour remix out there IMO:

Cheeers guys! over n out!
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
If upper body this is how i work it... i'm mostly doing 8-12 for 3-4sets
start at
THEN Up weight.
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
do u sometimes leave it to for example 888 even if u feel like u could push out 8810 but not 101010?
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
@fLx_ Personal preference i prefer quality reps with good form.. i try make sure i've chosen a weight where the last couple of reps on last set are a struggle.
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
@firemansi yeah form > wheights i do like 101010-101212-121212-correct form if lacking in any rep-up wheight but i think the important thing is to improve all the time, how u do it is personal preference for me its for psychological reasons i max out reps in every exercise, hard to not do it
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Pearce_Bolton private msg quote post Address this user
Good luck @flx_
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
@pearce_bolton thx!!
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
Squats 6x3 115kg FormUp
Hack squats
80 kg 10-10-13 repsUP
Leg presses
220kg 2x12 repsUP
Leg extensions
40kg 3x15 RepsUP
115 kg 3x10 repsUP formUP
Lying leg curls
15-15-15-14-13 repsUP

Calves with leg press mashine 160kg 4x18 weightUP

Seated calf raises 50kg 20-18-18 repsUP

By the way i dont think i need speed work so i use the 6x3 first set to just improve my squat slowly and slowly adding wheight. ive seen articles by helmes or ogus dont remember when they told u dont as a bodybuilder/ powerlifter dont really need speed work, and i feel that the phat program doesnt have enough heavy squat work anyway

Killed this workout, the feeling after a good leg day always reminds me why i do this, its a fucking drug, wow, im still enjoying a little bit druggy feeling and its 2 and a half hour since the workout! was really hard to get out of the gym in time when i stretched my legs after the workout i just listened to good music and wanted to enjoy the moment all day long. Nothing negative to say: improved all my lifts again in some way, pushed out 4 more reps at current weight at deadlift in total than i did last week, even if i pushed out my max last week, improving all the time!
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
well, had chest + arms today, but forgot my training notebook at the gym .. so cant post my workout

improved on all lifts again, i tend to add 10 % in total reps lifted to every exercise every week, so if ido 3x10 i usually seem to be able to do 3 more reps the next week, so 3x11, i noticed the pattern today when i looked thru my whole workout, and its great isnt it added 4 reps to bicep barbell curl, from 10-10-12 to 12-12-12 at 30 kg, really happy with that.

how i see it is that ive moved from the small country road to the highway in my bulking phase.Everything goes forward all the time now, love this phase. I know the workout im gonna do each day by heart and i almost remember what wheights i used last time in every exercise, i like when i dont have to think during a workout. Just good music, tunnel vision, focus and quality time with my self. My body is working but my mind is at total peace in the gym, 1 hour feels like 15 min.

added 200 cal to macros, no significant change in my weight in 12 days, so now 3700 lets se how i react to that
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
Well my lower back has been a bit sore the last 2 days, done my workouts normally but after 2 months of doing phat, i started tweaking the program for my needs

the sore lower back ( even if its probobly becouse sleeping in an awkward position for 1 night) reminded me that that back has to be taken care off. i got a couple of diagnosises in the back coming from icehockey injuries, so coming to the weight room and just after a small warmup do 3x5 max on dl doesnt seem safe, so ive added "formwork" to my routine and as i really wanna bring up my 1rm for dl /squat/bench, ive costumized my program, and instead of doing 3x5 with the same weight on dl and squat, im gonna do 6x1-5 adding weight like @maarten and like its adviced in the hst12 program, with the 3 first sets being warmup sets and after that adding weight towards your 1rm

another thing that i started thinking about is that my quads is far more developed than my ass, and this can cause back problems also- so my workout is a little bit more hamstring dominant now

i also read that doing conventional deadlifts for more than 5-6 reps in one set, is not good for the back since form always starts lacking in the later reps

another thing is that my lower back has to be brought up now, for my DL, added Goodmornings!

here is my workout now:

Day 1

Bent Row 6x1-5 adding weight
Weighted pullups 2x6-10

Bench: 6x1-5 adding weight
Dip 2x6-10
Dumbell shoulder press 3x6-10
Machine shoulder press 2x6-12
Curl 3x6-10
Skullcrushers 3x6-10

Day2 Deadlift 6x1-5 3 wup sets, they can be sumo DL;s also
Extensions 2x6-10
Squat form work 5x3 ( can be box squats)
2x12 hyphertrphy style squat
Leg curls 2x8-12
Goodmornings 2x8-12
Calf raise 5x6-10

Day 3
Pullups 3x6-10
Pendlay row machine 3x8-12
Seated cable row 3x8-12
Shrug with incline bench 2x12-15
Pullups 2x12-20
Shoulder press ( barbell) 6x1-5 adding weight
Dumbell shoulder press 2x12-15
Cable Lateral raise 3x12-20

Squat 6x1-5 (3 wup-sets)
Leg Press 2x12-15
Extensions 3x15-20

Deadlift Form work Low weight (speed reps like)
Stiff legged deadlift 2x6-10
Good Mornings 3x8-12
Leg Curl 4x12-20
Calf 6x10-20

Day 5
bench 6x3 speed reps
Incline dumbell press 3x8-12
Hammer chest press 3x12-15
Cable fly 2 x15-20
Curl 3x8-12
Dumbell concentration 2x12-15
Cable curls lying on incline bench 2x15-20
Tricep dips 3x8-12
Cable rope 2x12-15
Dumbell kickback 2x15-20

Allright , as u see instead of doing 3x3-5 max i add weight in Dl, squat, row, bench , and shoulder press for 6 sets with 3 of them being wup sets

added more lower back ham work, less quad work
added form work for all exercises where even a slight bad form can hurt you

more stretching from now also!

Lets see how this goes!
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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user
if your lower back is hurting it can be numerous things

^This is really common, you may need to just foam roll and do some stretches such as yoga stretches and it will be fine, also check out Kelly Starllett on youtube for lower back fixes
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
@aarronstenner thx man, that helped me out

I was right on one point and wrong on the other

I would be more donald duck kinda guy, than pink panther
i thought good mornings felt good as they are really working the ass out

but i dont need lower back exercises very much, but i think im still going to do good mornings since its ham dominant

to really bring up the core abs i thought of maybe come down from the 20-30 rep range for abs and instead add weight and do more low rep things to bring up the strenght in that area
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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user

I think its this video where he shows you how to do the stomach vacuum, ive been doing these and its helped a shit load dude!
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coolguy1993 private msg quote post Address this user
@fLx_ Good work, 3700 calories sounds awesome.
It's good you spotted the posture/hamstsing problem. I have some mobility issues too but the stretching etc will make it way better and deadlifts will be easier.
@AarronStenner stomach vacuums are awesome.

@fLx_ awesome work, everything you're doing sounds right so keep killing it! And keep adding in the cals!
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
Thx @aarronstenner for the vids, how often do u guys practice those vacuums ? And yeah @coolguy1993 about those cals i have stayed the same 71-73 all the time when ive added cals for 2 months from 2500-3700, somone in there eating my food?? and glad u approve what im doing !
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tamere01 private msg quote post Address this user
Late but In!

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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
Just an update, i have catched the flu and been sick without a voice the last 2 days .. worked out 2 days ago and i didnt feel good, and now i know why

actually its pretty nice to just be home and not feel guilty about doing nothing,and with the system we have in finland im still getting paid full hoursDDD and started thinking that this is the first time i miss a workout in 6 months

but im atleast doing something: started reading the starting strenght book, it can give me something

and im reading for a finance exam i have in 2 weeks, net present value, free cash flow things..

so ovr n out
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tamere01 private msg quote post Address this user
Get better soon man. Nice about getting paid!!
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fLx_ private msg quote post Address this user
@tamere01 thx bud yeah i dont know if the same system is the same everywhere. Here if we get sick and we cant go to work, we go to an private doctor ( the company pays the visit), the doctor says: yeah u should rest for a couple of days, and he sends the info to my employer and i can stay home still getting paid
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