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Had started one of these last month but a trapped nerve in my shoulder had postponed this and the thread has now been archived.

Anyway initial post is below with my stats and macros...

Hopefully this will keep me on track and consistent with my diet and training.

I'm 6'1, about 189lbs and no idea about my body fat.

Going on a cut just now and looks like my macros should be 220g carbs/193g protein/61g fat, which equates to 2200 cal per day, possibly a bit on the light side of things and if the weight loss is too extreme I'll up this.

Got a diet plan I'm going to follow which I'll post a screen shot of, and play about with on days to suit my macros if I get bored of it.

Was doing PHAT for a bit but not very committed to it for a number of reasons. I recently found a similar workout called PHUL on which I'm going to follow..

Getting back into lifting after a lay off is difficult. I started this last week and got extreme doms due to my body getting used to working body parts twice a week. Had a few extra rest days and back into it this week, it'll probably take a few weeks for my body to adapt which is cool.

I'm gonna take some pics tomorrow and upload them.

Tonight was legs power,
1 x 5 x 60gk warm up
2 x 5 x 80kg
2 x 5 x 90kg

1 x 8 x 60kg warm up
1 x 5 x 100kg warm up
1 x 5 x 120kg
1 x 5 x 130kg
1 x 5 x 140kg

Leg Press
3 x 15 x 140kg

Leg Extension
3 x 10 x 60kg

Not really fussed about doing calves so just left that but will probably start doing it next week.

Skipping my supposed rest day tomorrow and going onto upper body hypertrophy.

Havent been tracking macros either but have been eating very clean, will start tracking again tomorrow and post up what my diets looking like!
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If there's anything I've learned from others and 3dmj it would be that you want to lose as much weight as possible on as much cals as possible. Find your maintenance and remove 300-400 cals. Split macros 50 carbs 30 protein and 20 fats and if you lose weight on say 2600 you have a better starting ground then whereas if your on 2200 and you keep decreasing to drop weight you will basically be eating nothing if you get me?

Hope it's of some use
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@mcarey Whats 3djm? I've lurked on here for a good bit and read some of the articles on here too. Also think is good for articles but I wouldn't say I'm that knowledgable just like taking an interest.

I think I'll adjust my marcos to a 50.30.20 split then, think its more 40/40/20 just now. I did work out my maintenance and take away 500 from the muscle and strength calculator
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3dmj is a very informative YouTube channel. I recommend you check it out.
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Don't take 500, take away the smallest amount you can. See how you are losing and if you are losing then keep going with that until it stops, them adjust as your cut progresses.

3dmj is a video channel on YouTube some good stuff on it!
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Thanks guys, I'm just going to bed right now but I will look into all of this tomorrow. Cheers
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Ghadi was skinny man i think you should bulk ghandi
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Went onto and worked out the required macros for a cut, which isnt a million miles away from my first post.

186cm, 83kg at 22 with exercise level at 3 times per week and using the Mifflin-St Jeor formula tells me my bmr is 1881 and tdee is 2587. Follwing their suggested fat loss calories I should be on 2070, which I feel is a bit low, so I'm going to stick to 2200.

My new macros on a 50/30/20 split is looking like
C - 203
P - 182
F - 73
Fibre - 35-45.

Will plug this into MFP and start logging my diet and meeting my numbers.

Nowhere near as sore today as I was last week from leg day which is good. Upper body hyper today after work. looking forward to it!
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Alright guys, I've uploaded some pics i took this morning. These are not posing pics or anything just something to use as a reference to where I am at the moment. Have no idea what my body fat % is at the moment but the way my body is is the way it has always been, never really ripped even when I was boxing three times a week and doing stronglifts 3 times a week. I know the pics are pretty shitty but I'm not too fussed as I said just a reference to how I look at the moment.

Anyways tonight was upper body hyper.

Incline dumbbell press 3 x 12 x 20kg, 1 x 12 x 22.5kg
Flat bench flys 4 x 12 x 15kg
seated machine row 4 x 12 x 70kg
one arm dumbbell row 4 x 12 x 25kg
dumbbell lateral raise 4 x 12 x 12.5kg
dumbbell curls seated 2 x 10 x 15kg
standing 2 x 10 x 15kg
Rope tricep pulldown 4 x 12 x heaviest weight I could do... the weight markings are faded on the machine so no idea about the weight but was focussing more on form!

Not a bad session tonight and again haven't tracked my macros exactly but I have ate clean and got plenty protein carbs and fats in!
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Daily update.

Played fives tonight (soccer for the yanks!) didn't go to gym.

altered my macros on MFP to the 50/30/20 split and met that today.

Won't be going to gym tomorrow as it closes at 5pm which is when I finish work, Also have a leaving do after work as this is my last full week, moving to new zealand next month and finish work next thursday. I'll try get to gym saturday during day to do legs if im not too hungover but got another of my leaving doos on saturday starting at 2pm as well so might not make gym till monday! not good but lifes getting in the way a bit.

Will try and keep to macros over the weekend but drinking will no doubt get in the way!
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Not made the gym all weekend and been drinking since Friday. Absolutely ruined today, and yesterday I had two morning rolls all day which hasn't helped at all. Will spend today recovering and get back to it tomorrow. This is what happens when your Scottish!
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