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531 w/LPP vs Alberto Nunez Intermediate Prog11102

ajm87 private msg quote post Address this user
I am finally on a caloric surplus. I'd consider myself an intermediate right now. I am doing a traditional Legs Push Pull. I was deciding between two programs..

My personal opinion is that 531's progression will be too slow for me as an intermediate and I feel like my lifts will get better with the Nunez intermediate.

What are your guys' thoughts?

531 w/LPP

Sunday- Deadlift (Lower A)
Monday- Bench (Push A)
Tuesday- Pull A
Wednesday- OFF
Thursday- Squat (Lower B)
Friday- Military (Push B)
Saturday- Pull B
Sunday- OFF

accessory lifts: 3 x 10-12 reps

Legs A

Deadlift 5/3/1
Leg Press
Lying Leg Curl
Seated Leg Curl
Seated Calf Raise

Legs B

Squat 5/3/1
Romanian Deadlift
Leg Extension
Dumbbell Walking Lunges
Standing Calf Raises

Push A

Bench 5/3/1
Weighted Dip Machine
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Dumbbell Side Laterals
Triceps Cable Pushdown (either with rope or one handed with pulley)

Push B

Military 5/3/1
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
Cable Crossover
Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises
Overhead Rope Cable Triceps Extension

Pull A

Barbell Row
Underhand Lat Pulldown
Seated Neutral Grip Cable Row
Dumbbell Curl
Face Pull

Pull B

Weighed Chin Ups
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
Chest Supported Dumbbell Row
Cross Body Dumbbell Hammer Curl
Face Pull


Alberto Nunez's Intermediate

Wednesday - Upper Light
Thursday - Lower Heavy
Friday - OFF
Saturday - Upper Heavy
Sunday - Lower Light
Monday - Upper Light Weak Point
Tuesday - OFF

Progression based on the RPE scale. Usually the sets are kept with 1 rep left in the tank. If you complete the max reps with the max sets then up the weight. So if it's 3 sets of 12-15, you have to get all 3 sets with 15 (with one rep left in the tank) to up the weight. Deload every 4-6 weeks.

Upper (Light)

Incline DB 4-6 x 6-10
Horizontal Row 2-3 x 6-10
OHP 2-3 x 6-10
Horizontal Row 2-3 x 12-15
Flies 2-3 x1 2-15
Tricep Extension 2-3 x 12-15
Bicep Curl 2-3 x 12-15

Lower (Heavy)

Squat 3-5 x 3-5
Deadlift 3-5 x 3-5
Leg Curl 2-3 x 6-10
Calf Raise 4-6 x 6-10

Upper (Heavy)

Bench Press 3-5 x 3-5 @
Horizontal Row 3-5 x 3-5
Chest Press 2-3 x 6-8
Vertical Row 3-3 x 8-12
Lateral Raises 2-3 x 8-12

Lower (Light)

Squat 4-6 x 8-12
Single Leg Work 2-3 x 6-10
Calf Raise 4-6 x 6-10
Leg Press 2-3 x 12-15
Calf Raise 2-3 x 6-10
Leg Extension 2-3 x 12-15
Leg Curl 2-3 x 12-15

Upper (Light) - Weak body part training day example

Horizontal Row 2 x 4-6
Horizontal Row 2 x 10-15
Vertical Row 2 x 10-15
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Devil82 private msg quote post Address this user
are you at intermediate though?
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SwoleAnimal private msg quote post Address this user
Alberto Nunez crew checking in

but i actually dont even use his program

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ajm87 private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Devil82
are you at intermediate though?

Yes, I am in between intermediate and advanced on that site you've listed.
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Devil82 private msg quote post Address this user
strong lifts!
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AustralianOak private msg quote post Address this user
^^^ awesome routine

As for @OP definitely go with 5/3/1
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