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alex323 private msg quote post Address this user
Hey guys, I was just wondering if this modified L/P/P routine would work well, or if it wouldn't give certain muscle groups (most notably bi's and tri's) adequate recovery time.

Basically, instead of a classic legs/push/pull, I would do Legs, Triceps/Back, and Biceps/Shoulders/Chest.

My reasoning behind this is that bi's/tri's are a lagging body part for me (in comparison to my torso), so in addition to increasing bi/tri volume and decreasing torso volume, I think this will help me really focus on my bi's & tri's. I will also do them at the beginning of each workout so that I'm fresh when I hit them.

Some of you may say that I should just continue doing a standard L/P/P grouping, but I've tried this and I feel like if I do bi's first on a pull day, and then try to do back, my forearms & biceps are so fatigued that I have a crappy back workout; whereas if I do biceps with chest/shoulders, my tri's are still fresh and I have no issues pummeling through chest/shoulder exercises.

The way I'd do it is Day 1: "Push" (Bi's/Chest/Shoulders) then Day 2: Legs (to give my bi's/tri's a day of rest), then Day 3: "Pull" (Tri's/Back). Day 4 would be a rest day, and then I would repeat.

My only worry is that I will be hitting tri's on day 1 through chest/shoulders, AND day 3, and then obviously for a 3rd and possibly 4th time during the course of the week, so I'm not sure if this will hurt my arm growth.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be thorough to explain my thought process behind this modification. Thanks for your feedback.
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Tyjaws private msg quote post Address this user
I like the split you came up with, and the order. I'm going to say something that maybe a lot of people don't agree with but that's okay everyones got there own opinion. If you want something to grow hit it, hit it, hit it. You ever seen guys with huge biceps (who are natty, not sure if this goes for gear users). A lot of times they'll say until they got a proper split, they would hit chest and bi's constantly. Look at nick wright, his arms are huge. Why because, and he even admitted this, that he did biceps only for like 2 years. If you want your arms to grow, train them more often. As for the soreness, you may experience muscle doms for the first 1-3 weeks but your body will adapt and you will no longer get sore. Personally I have the same flaw, tiny little baby arms so. In addition to the sheiko program I was running. On the off days I would hit bis and shoulders. I would add my tricep work on to the end of my working days. Do what you think will work. You have to trial and error man. Peoples bodies respond to different things. The best advice I can give you is try it for 1 month and monitor the physical changes as well as your mood toward your body.
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JDominiqueS private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not saying your split is bad dude, looks pretty good but I do find chest shoulders and bi's on one day a bit too much. What I did was day 1 push day 2 pull day 3 off day 4 legs day 4 ARMS worked really well to make my arms grow faster. My arms also grew when my routine was like day 1 chest&back day 2 Legs day 3 Delts, tri's and bi's. Hits your arms 2 times a week and combining chest and back is fun too imo. Just giving you some extra options based on my experience man and take @Tyjaws advice serieus too
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alex323 private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you both. Appreciate the feedback.


I didn't include this in my first post, but in an effort to help my arms catch up to my torso, I'm also going to decrease my volume of chest exercises. Therefore, I plan on doing 4 sets of bench, and 4 sets of flies for chest and THAT'S IT. My chest grows extremely fast so I don't feel this will be a problem.

You still think bi's/shoulder/chest will be too much? I'll probably have 6-7 exercises total for that day.
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